Swatches and Review: Essence Circus Circus TE

First I wasn't planning to buy anything from this TE except red nail polish, but then I found full collection in DM. First I smelled eau de toilette and I really liked the smell, so I took it. Then I remember, that I've read positive reviews about eyeshadows and decided to buy them too. From eyeliners convinced me golden one and in the end I took both. Then I was thinking should I take lipglosses to or not and in the end I bought almost a whole collection. But I have to say I'm glad I did, because it surprised me in a positive way. I love every single product I have from it.

Eau de toilette doesn't have a special name. It cames in a bottle with a cute pump. It smells nice and sweet, I don't know how to describe it anyway (I'm so bad with describing scents, sorry). I don't know how long does it last, but I spreyed it on me today around 11.30 and my mum says I'm still smelling nice. It contains 50 ml of product and it cost's 7,49 €.

And the group photo from evertyhing else I've got.

I took bottle shoots from eyeshadow indoor and in the sun, so you can see better the shimmer they have. Swatches of them are below. One eyeshadow contains 5,5 g of product and it costs 2,89 €.

It's Magic is a golden shimmery creamy eyeshadow. It's good pigmented. I already tested it on my lids and I'm impressed. I didn't use any eyeshadow base and it stayed on few hours without creasing. 

Raise The Curtain For... is a golden-brown creamy eyeshadow with golden shimmer. It's also good pigmented. I used this one in my crease and it passed the first test - it didn't creased, although I didn't use eyeshadow base.

My Sparkling Acrobat is a black shimmery creamy eyeshadow. I didn't use it on my lids yet, but it's least pigmented from these three. 

Eyeliners are called It's Magic (golden) and My Sparkling Acrobat (black). They're both glittery. I like the brush, it's thin and it's easy do draw a thin line with it. I already wore My Sparkling Acrobat and I love it. Can't wait to try It's Magic too. Eyeliner contains 4 ml of product and it costs 2,49 €.

Swatches of all products in the sun.
Swatches of all products indoors.

My Glammy Acrobat is a purple shimmery lip lacquer. I love it, it's so pigmented and it colors lips great, though I haven't tested yet how long does it last. I was trying to catch on my camera how it looks on lips, but it didn't turned out the best. It looks better in RL. Lip lacquer contains 5,5 ml of product and it costs 1,89 €.

Now to the nail polishes. To us came only three polishes from four. I didn't took the pink one, because I don't wear pink. Other two I bought because of the glittery part. And I think the idea of two polishes in one is great (although is problem with saving them). One bottle contains 2x4 ml of polish and it costs 2,89 €.

Applause, Applause was my big lemming from this collection. I love Essence Twins glittery polishes and they didn't release red one yet, so I had to get this one. Red cream part isn't anything special, I think everyone has at least one similar shade, but it's very good pigmented. I used only one coat of it for this swatch. The glittery part has small rounded and big square glitters. I love how they look together.

My Sparkling Acrobat has a black creamy part, which is also good pigmented, but hard to apply, because it's thicker, and golden glittery part. I think I'll use glittery part a lot.

Did you get anything from this collection? What do you think about it?

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  1. I couldn't find this LE anywhere over here :( Such a pity!

  2. A great collection!!
    i love everything!!

  3. Awww jaz sem danes kupila rdeč glos in lak, pa mislim, da bom mogla it nazaj po rjavo senčko <3
    Hvala za tole!

  4. @Simona: Pity, you couldn't find it. :( Maybe you'll get it in next few days. :) I'm glad we have it in DM too, because in Müller evertyhing in sold out in few hours.

    @rock-or-not: Yes, it is a great collection. Better, than I expected.

    @Anna: Jaz pa mislim, da bom morala še po rdeč glos. ;)

  5. I love the packaging of nail polishes. Really cool.

  6. Mene pa še vedno nič ne prepriča. Sem danes naletela na skoraj čisto polno stojalo, pa sem samo malo pofirbcala in šla proč... Niti parfumček mi ni preveč dišal...

  7. Lakci so tako ali tako super, senčke tudi, glosu pa nisem posvečala prevelike pozornosti. Pa ugotavljam, da bo potrebno. Mislim, da ga rabim, ker izgleda super!=)

  8. wow very nice.. love it all specially the polish of course :-P My Sparkling Acrobat is soo pretty!

  9. Eye shadows are beautifull and nail polish black/gold is perfect... :)

  10. The packaging on the nail polish is tool cool I thought it was a lip gloss!

  11. I'm really sorry that I didn't find the lip lacqueur and the black/gold polish, they are sooo nice!

  12. ja sam htjela onaj lak s crnim glitterom, nisam ga uhvatila u mulleru tako da se sad nadam da ce doc jos negdje

  13. nisam kupila nista :S nisam jos vidjela tu kolekciju u dm-u :O

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  14. @Esra: Me too. I like the concept of duo polishes.

    @Mateja: Boljše za tvojo denarnico. ;) Jaz pa imam rada take sladke vonje, zato parfuma nisem mogla pustiti na polici.

    @Anela: Jaz sem mislila, da bo le še en navaden lipgloss, sem ga pa vzela, ker ga v taki barvi še nimam, ampak me je pozitivno presenetil, ko sem ga namazala. Zelo je pigmentiran in da lepo barvo ustnicam.

    @Polish Amor: Polishes are crown of this collection. :)

    @Jecka: Agree. I think we all like this polish. :)

  15. @hollysagemini: I love the packaging of nail polishes too.

    @Christina: Yes, they are. I think this polish was first sold out, everyone love it.

    @Lendoxia: Upam, da jih dobite še v DM. Pri nas je v Müllerju stojalo prazno po nekaj urah. Če ne naletiš takoj, ko ga postavijo, nanj, ostaneš praznih rok.

    @LittleMonsterx14: I do too. :)

    @Mihaela: Verjetno še pride. K nam v DM pride vse z zamudo.

  16. Love those duo polishes. A brand in the UK did a similar concept but some of the pairings were very strange!

  17. I love the concept of duo polishes, only they have to have good combination. I saw H&M has some new duo polishes, but also strange combinations.

  18. sjenila mi se sviđaju, a lakići mi se čine kao must have, jedva čekam da dođu do nas :-D

    1. Mislim, da ti ne bo žal, če vzameš kako senčilo. :) Jaz se že veselim Essence duo lakov v redni prodaji, ta koncept mi je zelo všeč.