Nail Mail: NYX Girls Polishes

You can not imagine, how happy I was this morning, when postman came to me with a package. I ordered some NYX Girls nail polishes and I was so excited about them. Moja Drogerija has an action on nail stuff and nail polishes are 30 % off. I payed 2,18 € for one polish, which contains 12 ml of product. I think this is a great deal.

Here are the polishes, I ordered:

From L-R: Boho, Algae, Mermaid Green, Under The Moon.

 From L-R: Gilded Glitter, Sexy Plum, Fire Amber, Lapis.

I already tried Fire Amber and I'm impressed with its formula. It's great and polish is so easy to apply. And guess what - Lapis is very similar to Essence Forget Me Not, one of my favourite polishes, except that it doesn't have the shimmer. I'm so glad I found similar shade.

Do you have any NYX Girls nail polishes? What are your experiences with them?