My New Year's Eve Manicure

Hello, my dear readers. I hope, you've had a wonderful New Year's Eve and beautiful first day of 2012. I spend both with my BF and I had a great time. First day of new year was also great for my blog, because I've reached over 100.000 views on my blog. I also have more than 500 followers, so thank you for that. My December giveaways ended two days ago, so stay tuned tomorrow, when I'm going to announce winners.

My NYE manicure was simple and sparkly. I used two coats of China Glaze Blue Year's Eve and one coat of China Glaze Skyscraper. I love this combination. What do you think?

My dear readers, I wish you happy and successful 2012. I wish you a lot of great moments, beautiful nail polish shades and even better 2012 than it was 2011. :)

What was yours NYE manicure?

12 komentarjev

  1. Very pretty!
    I had Orly Rage on NYE :)

  2. Tudi tebi srečno novo leto :)

  3. @Carolina: Thanks. And thank you for sending me these two polishes, I'm inlove with them. :)

    @PtiteMeve: Thank you. This Orly looks interesting. :)

    @lepidopteria: Thank you. :)

    @MissDoll: Hvala. :)

  4. great layering, happy new year.
    I did some nail art.

  5. I just love this blue-so pretty!

  6. I love this polish... great for new years mani :)

  7. @Shannara: Thank you. I didn't have time for nail art, so I did layering.

    @moonchild: Hvala. :)

    @Fingers: It's combination of two blues and it's gorgeous.

    @Polish amor: Thank you. :)

  8. plavi lakovi ni ne mogu bit ruzni, a ova kobinacija je apsolutno prekrasna