My Favourite Essence Nail Polishes Of 2011

Last week I was doing list of my favourite nail polishes of the year. I wanted to choose top 10 polishes, but the list was growing and growing. I noticed, that the half polishes on my list are from Essence, because my Essence stash is big, so I decided to do two separate posts - one with my favourite Essence polishes and one with others. There will be more than 10 polishes, because it's really hard to choose only 10 favourites. They are published in no particular order.

Essence Color&Go Yellow Mellow - my favourite yellow shade.

Essence Blossoms etc... Forget Me Not - I love this polish so much, that I don't want to use it, because I'm afraid I'm going to empty it and then I won't have it anymore. 

Essence Replay - my most worn green polish during spring and summer.

Essence You're A Heartbreaker - because of this polish I've started to like grey on my nails.

Essence Hello Holo - it's holo. :)

Essence Color&Go Make It Golden - perfect layering polish for every shade.

 Essence Color&Go Blue Addicted - gorgeousness, that doesn't need words.

Essence Color&Go Hard To Resist - dark blue shimmery shades are my week point.

 Essence Vampire's Love True Love - because of this one I've started to love purple again.

Essence Crack Me! Blue - dark blue shimmery crackle? Yes, please.

The were some other Essence shades, that I liked, but the list is already long. I chosed those shades, that impressed the first moment I applied them. 

What do you think about my Essence list?

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  1. Some of my favorite Essence polishes are on your list too ;) They released some really great shades in 2011, let's hope they do some awesome ones for 2012 as well! ;)

  2. Nekaj jih imamo tudi jaz, drugače pa dober izbor! Vsi od prvega do zadnjega so mi všeč!;)

  3. LOVE all these manis - especially the flakie, gorgeous!

  4. Super izbor! Kar nekaj od teh bi se znašlo tudi na moji lestvici :)

  5. I love all Essence polishes :-) very good brand!

  6. Well, You're a Hartbreaker looks awesome on you!

  7. od ovih waking up in vegas, blue addicted i forget-me-not su moji top 3 opcenito i na tvojoj listi

  8. neke imam. neke nemam... ali krasan izbor :-D

  9. Vsi so lepi, ampak 1. kombinacija pa zmaga ;)

  10. Maš dober okus ;)
    Všeč so mi skoraj vsi, še najbolj pa You're a Heartbreaker, ker sem zamudila tole LE :(

  11. Oh my! They are all BEAUTIFUL! Amazing colors. I love Essence Replay and Essence Hello Holo.
    Essence Dance TC is amazing too. I wish I have some holographic or flaky. :/ </3

  12. Prelepi su, najlepsi mi je Replay i teget hollo... :)

  13. OMG! :))) Please, take a picture of your Essence nail polish stash. I so wanna see it so that I can complete my colection! :)))

  14. @Theodora: Yes, I hope that to. Some of their shades were really gorgeous.

    @Anna: Me veseli. :)

    @Lydz: I agree. :)

    @LittleMonsterx14: Flakies are my favourite too.

    @Biba: Hvala. Z veseljem bi videla tvojo lestvico. :)

  15. @Suzi: I love them too. They're cheap and great.

    @Elsa: Thank you. :)

    @Simona: Thank you. :)

    @Lendoxia: Če bi jih razvršala po priljubljenosti, bi se ti trije znašli v samem vrhu.

    @nail crazy: Hvala. Če te je kateri zamikal in je še na voljo, kar ponj. ;)

  16. @With Love, Ana: Se strinjam. :)

    @MissDoll: Jaz sem uspela ujeti le tega iz te kolekcije in mi je žal, da nisem dobila še ostalih, ker je tale odličen.

    @AnyRainbow: Thank you. :)

    @Jecka: Ta dva sta res krasna.

    @chica: I was planning to do that, I just didn't find time for photographing them. I'll try to do that next week.

  17. Love your choice and I adore Essence nail polishes!

  18. I'm so upset I missed out on the Remix top coats and I still wanna get my nails on the Vampire Love series! And the Nail Art Twins too grr. I loved your list! Great choices(:

  19. @fairy_ana: Thank you. I adore this brand too.

    @Nicole: Thank you. I'm sorry, you didn't get these top coats. I have them all and they're great. I have to thank for Dance to another blogger. If she wouldn't get it for me, I'll stay without it. I hope you'll get evertyhing else, that you want. :)