Meet Ris

Guess what. Today I'm writing my 400th post. On Wednesday it's going to be a second anniversary of my blogging. Time passes by so fast. I'm proud of myself. I usually get tired of one thing very fast, but blogging is part of my life for two years now and I still love doing it. At the beginning I wrote about different stuff, but then I slowly started to buy nail polishes, discovered nail polish blogs (first blog I followed was Rainbows and Blues) and change my blog into beauty blog. Now I enjoy painting my nails and showing beautiful nail polish shades to you. :)

Today I wanted to post something different and I decided to present you our dog Ris. He is such a sweetheart. He's always around, when I'm photographing my nails or hauls/swaps. He's so curious. He always wants to know, what I'm doing. Then I always take photos of him too, but it's so hard to take a good photo, because he can't be still and he always looks away from camera. Here are some photos, I think did succeed well.

And here is one crappy photo of him, when he was only few months old. He was such a cute doggie. <3 The photo is bad, because it was taken with my mobile phone, which had a bad camera.

I hope, you like this post. Tomorrow I'm coming back with nail polish related blogpost. :)