NOTD: Flowers On Blue

I always do everything else, when it's time for studying. One of things, that occupys me, is polishing my nails. This is my current manicure. I painted my nails with Astor 70 and Essence Choose Me. Today I was thinking, that I didn't use these two polishes for a long time and because I couldn't decide, which one to use, I used both. Then it looked all together a bit boring to me, so I decided to try new (to me) Essence plate with patterns for french manicure. For stamping I used Essence Stamp Me! Black. I actually like this manicure very much. And the pattern is beautiful too.

Now, I'm going to study for hour or two, before I go to bed. Books are waiting for me.

Meet Ris

Guess what. Today I'm writing my 400th post. On Wednesday it's going to be a second anniversary of my blogging. Time passes by so fast. I'm proud of myself. I usually get tired of one thing very fast, but blogging is part of my life for two years now and I still love doing it. At the beginning I wrote about different stuff, but then I slowly started to buy nail polishes, discovered nail polish blogs (first blog I followed was Rainbows and Blues) and change my blog into beauty blog. Now I enjoy painting my nails and showing beautiful nail polish shades to you. :)

Today I wanted to post something different and I decided to present you our dog Ris. He is such a sweetheart. He's always around, when I'm photographing my nails or hauls/swaps. He's so curious. He always wants to know, what I'm doing. Then I always take photos of him too, but it's so hard to take a good photo, because he can't be still and he always looks away from camera. Here are some photos, I think did succeed well.

And here is one crappy photo of him, when he was only few months old. He was such a cute doggie. <3 The photo is bad, because it was taken with my mobile phone, which had a bad camera.

I hope, you like this post. Tomorrow I'm coming back with nail polish related blogpost. :)

Layering Beyu 209 over NYX Girls Sexy Plum

Today I have for you one of the most beautiful polishes I own - BeYu 209 (inci 31). Look, how gorgeous it looks in the bottle.

I applied one coat of BeYu 209 over NYX Girls Sexy Plum (swatch in the end of post). Beyu 209 is burgundy red jelly shade with golden and green shimmer. This beauty was so hard to photograph. I was trying to catch its real effect, but it was so hard. Golden sheen is more expressive in RL.

This photo was takeng in the evening under artificial light. Doesn't it look just gorgeous?

The base color is dark shimmery red NYX Girls Sexy Plum shade. I love those polishes, they have such a great formula. And application is great. Here I used 2 coats.

Do you like this combination?

Cute Blog Award

Zebra Nails nominated me for Cute Blog Award. Thank you so much for this, dear. :*

Here are the rules:
1. Link back person who awarded you.
2. Answer award questions.
3. Tell us something about yourself you haven't told us in your blog yet.
4. Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award.
5. Make sure to let those you give this award know you awarded them!

1. What is your go to makeup product?

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
I don't follow trends, so none. :D

3. What is your favorite dessert?

4. Favorite color?
I don't have favourite, but I like specially blue and green.

5. What is your middle name?
I don't have middle name.

6. What was the last song you listened to?
It's Slovenian song, I love: Dejan Vunjak in Domen Kumer - Ona sanja Pariz.

7. cats or dogs?
I like both, but I'm going to decide for dogs.

Because a lot of blogs, that I read, already received this award, I nominate all, who read this post and haven't been nominated yet. Yes, if your read this, you're nominate. :)

NOTD: Layering with Claire's and O.P.I

Today I have for you another layering manicure. Lately I'm not very inspired for nail art, so I wear mostly manicures, where I layer glittery or sheer polish over some creme or shimmery shade. Here I used one coat of Claire's 85709 and then I layered over one coat of O.P.I Austin-Tatious Turquoise. This combination is perfect. I wore it for three days, but then I had to remove it, because it chipped. O.P.I contains some purple shimmer and this combination looked duochrome indoor, but it was impossible to catch purple sheen on my camera. What do you think about this combination? I'm just in love with it.

Yellow Nails

Today it's such a grey day. It's raining outside and I'm not in the mood for anything, not even for studying. That's why I'm showing you something bright today. This was a first manicure on my short nails. The nail on my index finger broke and I had to shorten them all down. Then I decided to paint my nails in bright color, because I think bright looks great on short nails. First I used 3 coats of Claire's 96784 (these polishes don't have names, only these long numbers, meh), a pastel yellow shade. Then I applied 1 coat of NYX Girls Gilded Glitter, a polish with clear base and golden glitter and flakies.

When I was wearing this manicure, was outside such a grey ans rainy day like today, but this manicure made me feel better. Do you also wear bright colors, when is bad weather outside? Do bright colors make you feel better?

NOTD: Just Can't Get Enough Of Holo

Today I have for you a manicure, that I wore at the beginning of the week. As a base I used 2 coats of greyish purple shade Beauty UK Urban Girl set. Then I added 1 coat of Essence Just Can't Get Enough from Remix Your Style collection. What do you think?

I'm getting better in stamping

I know this isn't the best photo, because I took it at night under artificial light, but I had to show it you, because I'm so proud at this manicure. My stamping skills are getting better and I love, how this one turned out. 
As a base color I used NYX Girls Lapis and for stamping Catrice Poison Me, Poison You and konad plate m78.

Essence No Better Way To Sky

Today just a quick post, because I'm tired. I'm showing you the last polish from Essence Legends Of The Sky TE, that I own. It's No Better Way To Sky, an orange creme shade. Here I used two coats. Although I have quite a few orange shades, I don't have anything like this, because this one is more dusty orange than others. I'll definitely wore it more in spring and summer. Did you get this polish from this TE? Do you like orange shades?

Shopping in Graz

On Saturday I went in Graz and I did some nail polish shopping. I really really wanted H&M polishes, but the store in Seiesberg didn't have them, so I consoled myself with other brands. 
I also wanted Beyu 209 badely and luckily I've got the last bottle. I was so happy because of that. I've already wore it and it's gorgeous. Swatches soon.

In DM I've found Don't Feed The Tiger from Circus Circus TE. This polish wasn't available by us. Beside is IQ Cosmetics 101. This is my first polish from this brand. It's not very cheap, but I haven't try it yet, so I can't say, if it's worth the money or not.

Look By Bipa 93, 104 and 101 (don't you just hate those numbers? It would be nice, if they would have names).

 Rimmel Lively Lilac and Misty Jade. I think these shades will be perfect for spring and summer.

Some bright colors. Bpretty Yellow, Strawberry Red, Forest, Olive and Lime Green. This olive shade is so gorgeous, I don't have anything like this in my stash. 

And then I opened Lime Green at home and saw this strange brush. I don't know, what I'm going to do with this polish, I can't apply it with this brush. Too bad, the color is so beautiful. Btw, this polish isn't as blue as it looks on photo. It's true green.

Claire's 85709 and 96784. Yap, no names again. I think I've finally found perfect pale yellow shade, but I'll wait with talking till I try it, maybe it will be darker on nails.

I have enlarge my collection for quite a few nail polishes. Now I just have to try each of them.

What do you think about my haul? Do you like my choices?

Essence Like Leo's Pilot Jacket

Like Leo's Pilot Jacket is a dusty olive green creme shade. This color is very interesting, but I don't know, how to describe it otherwise. The polish is from Essence Legends Of The Sky trend edition. The application was good, I used two coats. As you can probably notice on photo, I broke a lid. I stick it together with a tape and fortunately I saved it, otherwise I couldn't use it anymore. I like this color, what about you?

Essence I'm A Viator

I don't know what's with me and brown lately, but i like wearing brown. I wore this one as my manicure right after I bought it. I don't know, what was wrong with me in those days, but I forgot to apply a base coat before I applied nail polish. That didn't happened to me for a long long time. It looks like a was a bit confused. But luckily polish didn't stained my nails.
I'm A Viator is a chocolate brown cream shade from Essence Legends Of The Sky TE. These polishes have a bit thicker formula, but application is good anyway. Here I used two coats.

NOTD: Purple Duochrome

Today I have for you one old manicure, that I wore two weeks ago. First I applied Essence Maybe I'm Amazed from Remix Your Style TE, a darker creme purple shade. The application was good. Here I used two coats.

Then I wanted to upgrade my manicure, because my nails looked a bit boring to me in this color, so I applied one coat of Essence Gagalectric from Meet TE. I love this layering. Duochrome was even stronger in RL. A lot of people said, they like it very much and asked me, which polish this is.

What do you think? Do you like this combination?

My Essence Nail Polish Collection

Today I have a bit different post for you. Chica asked me to show you my Essence nail polish stash and here it is. Around 1/3 of my stash are Essence polishes. On these photos is missing only Don't Feed The Tiger from Circus Curcus TE, which I bought yesterday in Austria. I didn't write names of the polishes, because there's a lot of them and it would take me too much time. But if you are interested in name of any polish, just ask me in the comment below. Enjoy in photos. :)

Sun Club TE

Urban Messages TE

Vampire's Love TE

Eclipse TE

Blossoms etc... TE

Metallics TE

You Rock TE

Natventurista TE
I LOve Berlin TE
Ballerina Backstage TE

Black and White TE

Meet Me
50's Girls Reloaded

Return To Paradise TE

Remix Your Style TE

Legends Of The Sky TE
Circus Circus TE

Nail Art Top Coats
Matt top coat

Color&Go nail polishes

Nail At Stampy polishes
French Glam
Nail Art Freestyle&tip painter

Nail Art Twins

Show Your Feet

Multi Demension XXL polishes