Year 2012 on Taya My Little Beauty World Blog

Hi, girls! This is my last post for year 2012 and I decided to go through posts, I published this year. Everybody is doing posts about favourites nail polished and manicures in 2012 and I decided to do all in one post. I'll also go through challenges, I joined this year, new series of posts, I started to publish and more. I hope, you'll like this post.

My favourite polishes of 2012
I choosed 18 polishes. Quite a lot. But I love all these. On my list I added polishes, that were published on my blog in year 2012. I wore few polishes, that I never photographed. If those would be published, this list would look different. In the end you I'll show you few of my favourite polishes, that were not swatched yet, but I did wore them.

These polishes would probably be on my favourites list, if I would swatch them this year: China Glaze Trendsetter, China Glaze Aquadelic, China Glaze Sun Worshiper, Essence Glitterastic, Essence I'm So Very, Catrice Heavy Metallic, Look by Bipa Blue Stars and Essence Colourbration.

My favourite nail art's of 2012
Those are manicures, that weren't done for any challenge. This year I made a lot of nail art manicures, much more than last year. Next year I hope I'll do them even more.

Nail art challenges 2012
This year I joined quite a few challenges:

Here are some of my favourites manicures, I did for these challenges:

Spring Challenge Fruits and Dots, Spring Challenge RainbowBlack&White Challenge Day Black On White, Black&White Challenge Day Black With Some Color , Three Challenge Ultra Modern, Black&White Challenge Day Black On White, Summer Challenge Recreate Your Favourite Manicure, Summer Challenge Fruit, Summer Challenge Favourite Song, Summer Challenge Favourite Color, Black&White Challenge Manicure Of Your Own Choice.

Four Elements Challenge 2012
This was the challenge, created by me. It had four tasks: fire, water, air and earth. It was a nail art and make up challenge and this is, what I did:

My 5 most read posts on my blog in 2012 are:

New post series on my blog in 2012:
I started with few new weekly/monthly post series on my blog and it looks like you like them, so I'll continue with them next year.

My Favourite Products of 2012
Here are none polish related products. I chosed some, I used them most this year. Few came out this year, few I tried for the first time and I loved them and few are just my all time favourite products.

Lipsticks I loved the most this year: Essence Berry Me Home, Catrice Lovely Lilac, Catrice Lobster Love, Alverde Nude, Elf Seductive.

Essence Pigments. One of the best products, that was released this year.

 Hand Products: Balea Sheabutter Vanille hand lotion and Essence 24 Hand Protection Balm Apple Cinnamon Punch.

Nail "care" products: Aveo Mandel nail polish remover and Lush Lemony Flutter.

Hair products: Garnier Fructis Repair and Shine mask, Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner and Alverde Haaröl Mandel Argan. 

My all time favourites base coat and top coat: Essence Nail Art BS and Essence Better Than Gel Nails top sealer.

My favourite beauty products: Deborah BB cream in Fair, Alverde Vanilla eyeshadow, Catrice Pink Grapefruit Shake, Essence Renesmee Red, Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base, Essence I Love Extreme volume mascara and Essence My Sparkling Acrobat liner.

My all time favourite palettes: Sleek palettes in Storm, Curacao and Chaos.

I hope, you like this post. I wish you all the best in 2013 and may all your wishes come true. And I hope you'll stay with me in 2013 too. I love you all. Thank you for reading. :)

Random Sunday #11

Hi, girls! It's a last Sunday in 2012 and that means last Random Sunday post for this year. Gosh, I won't ramble a lot about year 2012, it happen a lot of things, some were good, some not so good. But at the moment I feel great and I hope my year 2013 will be the same - great. I'll do a survey of year 2012 on my blog tomorrow and show you my favourite nail polishes, manicures and more of this year. 

Let's start with food today. :P On Monday I baked a cheese cake, because we all love to eat it and on Christmas day we ate it all.

 This week a received a giveaway prize I won on Natalie's BeautyLand blog. So many amazing stuff. Look, I have MUA Undressed palette now, which is a dupe of UD Naked palette. 

I won another giveaway, this time on blog Maja's Beauty Blog. It writes it lovely Maja from Slovenia. I won some really nice goodies. Gosh, I have to admit, lately I'm pretty lucky girl.

Za piko na i drugstore had some discounts this week and I couldn't resist, I bought Sleek Ultra Matte V2 palette. I payed 8,5 € for it. I also ordered China Glaze Angel Wings with it, I showed you swatches of it yesterday. 

This is what I'm wearing on my nails, when my boyfriend chooses a polish - Catrice Heavy Metallic.

And few photos from an evening walk, that I went with my boyfriend this week. They're nothing special, but I though I'd show them to you anyway. I was testing my new camera.

Link love:
*Rittenbratten showed swatch of OPI Sparkle-icious polish. I felt in love immediately.

* Golden Rose has a new collection of polishes, called Jolly Jewels. Omg, this collection is amazing, why are they not available in Slovenia. You can see swatches on these blogs:

*On blog Makeup&More you can see swatches of Alessandro Crystal Punk polish. I like it more and more.


Thank you all for being with me this year. I hope, you'll stay next year too. I wish you all the best in 2013.

NOTD: China Glaze Angel Wings

Hi, girls! Today I have another amazing polish for you. Few days ago I placed an order on Zapikonai (I'll show you tomorrow, what I got, it's not much) and today I received a package. I ordered China Glaze Angel Wings nail polish and I applied it immediatelly as I got it. It's a golden shade with gold and holographic glitter. It's a part of this year's China Glaze's holiday collection Holiday Joy. Application didn't cause me any problem, I applied 2 thicker coats. The surface of my nail is pretty rough, although I used 2 coats of top coat, which surprises me, because usually glittery polishes became smooth on nails after 1 or 2 coats of TC.

This is, how it looks in the shadow. Nothing special, right?

And this is how it looks in the sun. Ah-ma-zing. The sun shows it in its all shine. In person it looks even better. Holographic glitter makes this polish special, it's so pretty.

I bought an electric bulb yesterday and today I started to use my lightbox again. This polish looks pretty in my lightbox too and here it's the most color accurate. 

What do you think about this polish, is this your kind of color? Did you get anything from China Glaze Holiday Joy collection or do you have anything on your WL? Thank you for reading.

NOTD: Catrice Coral -al -al -al (Siberian Call LE)

Hi, girls! I see, you really liked yesterday's post, there were a lot of comments. Thank you for that. :) I think holo polishes will never stop being popular.
Today I have for you my current manicure, a Catrice polish Coral -al -al -al from Siberian Call LE, that was a part of my Christmas present. This is a very bright coral creme shade, it looks almost like it would be neon, but it's not. It applys nice, although my bottle has a strange brush - it's similar to their brush from regular assortiment, just that this one is not the longest in the middle, but on one side.

The formula of this polish is good and because of it the application doesn't cause any problems, because the brush is a bit wonky. I used 2 coats for this manicure and I applied Essence top coat in the end. This polish didn't last long on me. I applied it yesterday and today it already chipped, although I used a top coat. Well, my nails are so, no mather what I do, none of the polishes will last long. 
This is a very pretty shade and it's has a cute bottle with snowflakes, but the color doesn't reminds me on winter and snow. To me this is more summery shade. The word "Siberian" reminds me on cold, winter and snow and with them I connect white and blue color, not coral.

Do you like coral polishes? Did you get anything from Catrice Siberian Call collection? Thank you for reading.

Nfu Oh 65

Hi, girls! Yesterday I went through my folder where I have photos, that were saved when my computer broke. I noticed, that I still haven't publish swatches of the most amazing holographic polish, that joined my stash this year. Let me show you Nfu Oh 65. I bought it myself for my birthday this year, because I felt I have to gifted myself something special. The polish really looks amazing. I don't have any notes about it, so I'll tell you, what I remember about it. I applied it over Essence base coat and application was kind of tricky (you know that these polishes apply the best over Nfu Oh Aqua Base), but after 3 coats it looked great. I wore it without top coat, because it looks better that way and it chipped after 1 day, but on me every polish chips very fast. The color is very pretty, it's a light blue shade. And the holo effect is amazing, it looks even prettier in person. I didn't know, which photo to publish, so I have quite few, so that you can enjoy in this polish too.

I also made a ring with this polish. The holographic effect of the ring isn't as strong as on nails, but it's pretty anyway. I wear it often.

 Do you have any Nfu Oh holographic polish or is there any on your wish list? Thank you for reading.

Slovenian bloggers 51/2012

Here's what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week: 
Nuša did a Christmas Skittle mani.
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Katiee's Candy Cane Nails.
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Review: Balea Dark Glamour Handlotion

It's no secret, that I love Balea hand lotions. My favourite scent is Sheabutter Vanille. Few days ago I finished my last bottle of it (this year they're also selling this smell, but it's in a set with body lotion, which I don't need so I didn't get it). The bad thing about these hand lotion is, that they're always limited edition products. This winter Balea came out with new scent - Dark Glamour. Because I finished the last bottle of Sheabutter Vanille scent and my Himbeere lotion is pretty empty too I decided to try this one. I admit cute packaging also help to get it. 

A lotion comes in a bottle with a pump, which helps to control the amount of lotion you need. I usually use 2 pumps. I keep it on my table in my room. The packaging is really cute, the bottle is dark purple and it has angel wing on it. I don't understand the best ingreediends (this is not my sphere), so I added a photo of them for all of you who knows what they mean. 

The lotion is also in a purple color. It's light, not greasy and it soakes in the skin pretty fast. It mousturizes the skin very good, although if you have very dry skin it probably won't be enough mousturizing. It works great for my hand, but for my cuticles isn't enough mousturizing so I always use Lemony Flutter for them. The scent is pretty strong, a bit too strong for me. Balea describes is as a secret combination of fresh and aromatic scents. To me it is a secret scent, because I can't figure it out, on what it reminds me. I think it reminds me on one flower, but I can't remember on which. 

The price of this lotion is 2,25 € and you get 300 ml of product. You can get it in DM (Drogerie Markt). If the strong smell doesn't botter you, I would definitely recommend you to get this lotion. It's not good for wearing it with you in your bag, but it's a great product to have it at home or at your work and use it, when you feel your hands are dry.

Did you already try Dark Glamour hand lotion or any other smell? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading.

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, everybody. How was your day? I had very nice Christmas, but now I'm so tired. I just thought to write a post to show you, what was on my nails today and to wish you a happy holiday.

In the end I decided to wear H&M Je T'aime nail polish, very gorgeous red shade with red and golden shimmer. I used 2 coats. On my thumb and ring finger I added 1 coat of Essence Make It Golden. I love this combo, I need to wear this H&M polish more often.

My manicure with bracelets, I was wearing. 

Here is my today's make up. I didn't really have a lot of time to play with make up today, so I used a bit red and some browns and made very easy make up look. All eyeshadows are from Essence.

My dear readers and followers, I hope you had wonderful day today. Merry Christmas. 

What was on your nails today? Thank you for reading.