Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Knock Out Violet

Today I'm showing you one very beautiful purple polish from Deborah Milano Pret A Porter collection. It's called Knock Out Violet and it's dark purple shade with purple and blue shimmer. It looks gorgeous on nails. If you are a purple lover, you have to have this in your stash. It's unique to me, because I don't have any similar shade in my stash. The aplication was good and it was opaque in two coats. What do you think? Do you like it as much as I do?

Review: Revlon Eyeshadows

Today I'll review some Revlon eyeshadows, that I bought on sale. Both products were 1,5 €.

Revlon 009 Rich Sable is a dark brown matte mono eyeshadow. I love the color, it's perfect for everyday use, but it's not very pigmented. I compared it with some other matte eyeshadows I have and it's leats pigmented of all. For the swatch I applied more coats with finger. But I still think it will be good for natural day look, when I won't be in mood for colored or darker look on my lids.

Revlon ColorSay 12 Hours Eyeshadow 18 Azure Mist is a palette with four shimmery eyeshadows. There are two bluish and two greyish eyeshadows. When I swatched them, they worked pretty pigmented, but after I tried them on my lids, I was dissapointed, because these colors didn't showed as they were in palette and after blending they all looked almost the same. On photos you can see, that two lower eyeshadows are darker, but on lids they both came out much brighter. They also promise to look freshly applied for up to 12 hours. I dissagree with that. They didn't crease, it's true, but they after few hours they didn't look like you would just applied them, because they faded on my lids. I'm not very satisfied with this palette, I expected more from it.

Did you try any Revlon eyeshadows? What are your experience with this brand?

Winted Edition: Snowflakes

Today I'm starting with my Winter Edition series. I decided to do some manicures, inspired by a winter and publish them every Monday. I'm planning to do four of these Mondays, but if I'll have more ideas, I'll do them more. 

For first winter manicure I decided to do snowflakes. I think they're most connected with winter. First I painted my nails with blue, than sponged white on the tips (right corner) and a bit silver over it, added some glitter and draw one snowflake on each nail with silver. In the end I added TC.

I love this manicure. It looked so good in RL. I'm definitely going to do it again. 

What do you think about this manicure? Do you like it?

Advent Manicure

My dear readers, how are you today? How are you celebrating first advent Sunday? By us is quite beautiful day, because we finally can see some sun after few weeks of fog and cloudy days. And first advent Sunday means, that there are only three more Sundays until Christmas. I'm looking foward to celebrate these holidays, because I love Christmas.
I made a nail art, appropriate for today's day. I draw advent wreath on my ring finger and made french on others. I'm not very satisfied, how it turned out. Maybe I shouldn't add bow on wreath. I don't know. And sorry for crappy photos. They were made in my lightbox. I have only one light, but I think I'm going to need another one for better photos.

Here are two extra ideas for design on ring finger. I actually like these two better than the one I made on my nails. Red, gold and green are colors, perfect for this season, so I decided to work with them.

I wish you nice and sunny Sunday. :)

S-he 314

When S-he Cosmetics changed their package, they released some new shades. S-he 314 is one of them. The color is gorgeous dark green, but the formula isn't the best. It's thicker and hard to apply. I probably won't wear this polish a lot. Well, at least it's good for konading. And nail art. Here I used two coats.

Do you have any new S-he nail polish? What do you think about them?

Catrice Ultimate Nudes 2 Nail Polishes

If you are are nude nail polish lover, this is post written for you, because today I'm showing you two Catrice nude nail polishes: Mona Lisa Is Staring Back and My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame. This names are so long, but cute and original. And they're connected with France. My big wish is to visit France one day. I would love to go to Paris. I rarely wear nude polishes, these two are my moms. I gave them to her as her birthday present. She always say that she doesn't want to wear polishes, that step out too much, so nude shades are perfect for her. 

Mona Lisa Is Staring Back is a pinky shade with pink and gold shimmer. It has a bit watery formula, but I didn't have problems with application. After two coats nail line was still visible, so I used three for this swatch.

My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame is a brownish nude cream shade. This one also applied nice. Here I used three thin coats.


Do you have any Catrice Ultimate Nudes polishes? What do you think about them? Do you like them?

Polishes, that are searching a new home

I was reorganizing my stash last week and there were some polishes, that I probably won't use again, si I decided to find them a new home. Because I don't have paypal account, I won't do a blog sale, I will do only swap (international and Slovenia). Most of the polishes were used once as a manicure or swatched and some I never used (Essence Ultimate Pink, Eyeko Pink Polish, Essence Carrie).

If you are interested in any of these polishes, send me email on

Catrice Blues Brother Vol. II, Catrice Iron Mermaiden, Catrice Purpelized, S-he 454, S-he  376.

 H&M: Light Purple, Beige, Grey, Coral. 

 L.A. Colors Metallic Purple, Catharine Arley 263, B.pretty Chocolate, B.pretty Dark Berries. 

 L.A. Girl Rock Star, Pure Ice Cheatin, Essence Nail Art Twins Carrie.

 Barry M Indigo, Essence Show You Feet Catwalk Pink, H&M Hello Kitty Cool Summer, Manhattan Lotus Effect 53U.

Vollare Roxy 322, Maybelline Forever Strong Golden Brown, Eyeko Punk Polish, Essence Ultimate Pink.


I know, the winter is coming, but I made another nail art, appropriate for fall. I wanted to draw owl, but my design isn't the most succesful. But anyway, I think the color I used are perfect for fall. This manicure is going down today. I don't know, what I'm going to do next. Maybe some winter nails.

Simple Purple And Blue Make Up Look

Today I have for you one simple MU, that I made with most of product, reviewed last week on my blog. The photos are not the best, because I took them in my lightbox and I still have to figure it out, how too took nice photos, so that colors won't look wash out.

I used:
* Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
* Essence Vampire's Love Love At First Bite palette (pink, purple and grey - on photo unfortunately isn't visible the difference between them)
* Misslyn intense color liner in Cornflower
* Essence I Love Style liquid eyeliner
* Essence I Love Extreme volume mascara

Review And Swatches: Misslyn Cosmetics

Misslyn Cosmetics is a new brand, that came in our stores in September. For the beginning I tried a rich color gloss, nail polish and two intense color liners.

Intense Color Liner
I bought two in colors in 154 Blue Lagoon (dusty green) and 179 Cornflower (vivid blue). They are creamy, soft and very pigmented. On waterline they doesn't last very long, but longer than Essence liners. When you line your eyes, the color stays intensive for more hours and they doesn't fade. One liner contains 0,78 g of product and it costs 2,89 €. I'm going to get me more of those liners, because they're great.

Rich Color Gloss
Mine is called 25 Papaya Sorbet and it's orangy colored nude. The pigmentation is great. It smells nice and it mousturizes my lips. The color is less intensive on lips than in a tube, but my experience is: more product you apply on your lips, more intensive is the color and it stays longer on your lips. But you should not exaggerate. The packaging contains 4,5 ml of product and it costs 5,79 €.

540 Real Khaki is a cream khaki green shade, very pigmented and easy to appy. Here I used two coats, but one would be enough. Missly polishes contain 10 ml of product. They costs 4,89 €.

I like the packaging, because you buy everything wrapped in a plastic paper (or what should I call that). That way you can be sure, that no one used this product before you. 

It's not the cheapest cosmetics, but I think some things are worth to buy. I think the polishes are a bit too expensive for only 10 ml, but they have some beautiful and original shades. Intensive color liners are great and I'm definitely going to get me some more of these. I also like rich color gloss because of its pigmentation. My first experience with this cosmetics is great and I'm going to try some more of their product.

I hope, I didn't forget to write something, but if I did or if you have a question, just write it in a comment below. What you think about Missly cosmetics? Did you try anything from them yet or are you planning to?

My New Konad Stamper And First Konad Manicure With It

I know, long and strange title. I was never very good in konading and I always had problems with stamping a patterns on nails. In the end I figure it out, that problem could be in a stamper, so I ordered a Konad stamper on Lič I've got it today and immediately I tried it.

This is my first manicure with this stamper. It's not perfect, but I'm so glad, that I finally can stamp a whole pattern on my nails. When I was using Essence stamper, only a half of a pattern stayed on nails. Now I'll do konad more often.

For this manicure I used Essence Vampire's Love Into The Dark, Essence Stamp Me White and m78.

 This is how it looks a whole pattern.

Konad stamper was probably my best repurchase this year. Can't wait to do some more manicures with it.

Review: Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

This is current my favourite mascara. It has its pluses and minuses, but I think it makes my lashes look great, so I use it every day (or better said: everytime I do my make up).

I bought this mascara, because I've read good reviews about it. It's great and it does, what it promises. But the brush is too big. I can apply it nice on my upper lashes, but I have problems with application on my lower lashes and also in the inner corner of my eye. The brush is just to big to capture all eyelashes. But I love, that it gaves volume to them and it curves them nicely without using an eyelashes curler. It does sticks together lashes like all volume mascaras do, but I think that's not a problem, that can not be solved.

And here are some photos of mascara in action. I photograph my naked eye, but the photo unfortunately isn't the best. But I think the difference between naked eye, eye with one and then two coats of mascara is good visible. On lower lashes I applied only 1 coat, because I prefer it that way. 

Here are two looks, where I used this mascara. I already posted them, but I decided to show them again to you in this post, so everything is in one place.

For me this is a great mascara, specially for the price (around 3 €). It contains 12 ml of product, which is a lot (most of the mascaras, I used, had less than 10 ml of product). I'm definitely going to repurchase it, when I'm going to empty this one. 

What do you think about this mascara? Did you try it or are you planning to try it?