Some Catrice Swatches From Their New Assortment

Today I have for you swatches of four new Catrice shades: After Eight, Captain Sparrow's Boat, I'm A Star... and Khaki Perry. I could show you each in their own post, but I decided to show you all in one post, so you can see more swatches with only one click. :)

The formula of all four polishes is similar - their finish is something between foil and metallic and you have to be careful with their application, because they leave brush strokes. But when the polishes dry, brush strokes aren't visile anymore. 

After Eight is a dark green shade with green shimmer. It's perfect shade for fall and winter. I used 2 coats.

Captain Sparrow's Boat is a dark grey shimmery shade. In the bottle I can see blue, green and also some pink shimmer, but my camera didn't catch all these colors on the photo. I obviously bought this polish because of the name, because I'm a huge Jack Sparrow's fan. Love those movies. But I have to say I like this polish more than I expected. I've read that this is Chanel's Black Pearl dupe, but I don't have Chanel, so you'll have to find comparison on other blogs. Here I used 2 coats.

I'm A Star... was a love at first sight. Or coat. Anyway, this color is hard to describe. It's special shade of green. The first surprise, when I opened the bottle, was the brush. It's not regular Catrice brush, because this one is rounded. I don't know, if this is only my polish or all I'm A Star... shades have this brush. If you have this polish, is your brush the same?
This one is definitively my favourite from these four. I already wore it as my manicure and now I have it on my toes. Also this one is a perfect shade for fall and winter. Here I used 2 coats.

Khaki Perry was the biggest dissapointment for me. In the bottle it looks like khaki color, but when you apply it, it looks more like silver with a touch of green. This one will not be my favourite, but I think it will look nice with black or other crackle polish. Here I used 2 coats.

Khaki Perry and Captain Sparrow's Boat were part of Catrice LE Modern Muse. I don't know, why they decided to add these polishes in their regular assortment. Or is that the same thing that Essence did with their LE I Love? Was Modern Muse a preview collection?

So, what do you think about these shades? Do you like them?

Essence Blue Addicted

Are you addicted? I am. Addicted to nail polishes. And because people by Essence knew, that there are a lot of nail polish freaks, they named their polish Blue Addicted. No, I'm just kidding. But you really can become addicted from this polish. 

It's jelly blue base with blue shimmer and blue and green glitter in different sizes. You can apply it alone, but then you'll need a couple of coats, but if you apply it over any other polish, there's enough one coat. For me is the best base for this polish dark blue. On these photos is Blue Addicted applied over Hard To Resist. I love this combination. This polish is a must have from new Essence assortment.

Essence Hard To Resist

Dark blue shimmery polishes are my weak point, so I had to add Hard To Resist to my collection. 

Do you see, how beautiful it is? The application was great and I used two coats for this swatch.

I also like, how it looks indoors. It's beautiful blue, that doesn't look black indoors, which is great.

What do you think about it? Do you like dark blue shimmery polishes?

MNY 447

I went through my folders and I found an old photos of MNY 447, that I haven't showed you before. This is a dark brown shade with brown glitter/shimmer, that looks almost black on the nails. The application was flawless and it needed two coats to be opaque. I wish, we has MNY in our drugstores, so I could try some more of their polishes.

Stash Comparison 2: Bright's

Today I have another stash comparison for you. I compared some bright shades and I decided to post them all together. 

Bright Blue

Umbrella U-108, 3 coats
Maybelline Mini Colorama Party Blue, 2 coats
Essence Fall For Me, 2 coats
Joy 87, 3 coats

Bright blue was one of the colors, that I adored during the spring and summer. Here I compared 4 polishes, that looked very close in the bottle. There aren't any dupes, but I think that someone, who isn't a polish freak, wouldn't notice the difference. Maybe Umbrella and Joy are very close, but I think, they're not 100 % same. A didn't have problems with their application, except with Fall For Me because of its thick formula and the brush. But anyway Fall For Me is my favourite shade from these four, because is the brightest and it has the least watery formula.

Beautyline Deluxe 2, 3 coats
Essence Ballerina Backstage On Your Gracile Tiptoe, 3 coats
Catrice I Scream Peach, 3 coats
Barry M Limited Edition C (coral), 3 coats

Coral is another color, that I loved during spring and summer. Again four very close shades, but none dupes in my opinion. Beautyline has more orange undertone than others and Barry M is the darkest one. Essence and Catrice are very close, but Catrice is more cold coral than Essence. They were all easy to apply and I used 3 coats of each for this swatch. Here I don't have favourite, because none of them steps out. I like them all.


Essence Wake Up, 2 coats
Essence Get The Fever, 3 coats

Essence Get The Fever is one of the old Color&Go nail polishes. It's orange cream shade. I compared it with Wake Up, because I wanted to know, how close they are, but they are not dupes. Wake Up has more red undertone than GTF. They both apply nicely, but for me is a winner Wake Up. It's more opaque and I prefer the color.


Deborah Milani Pret A Porter Stardust, 2 coats
S-he 275 (new range), 3 coats

These two looked very close in bottles, so I compared them, but as you can see, they look very different on the nails. S-he is brighter than Stardust, probably, because it has more silver glitter. They both apply nicely. Stardust is more opaque, because it needed only two coats, while S-he needed 3 coats. My winner between these two is Stardust. S-he polishes from new range chip so fast, even faster than the old ones. I don't know, did they change formula or something?

Essence Be Optimistic! & Make It Golden

Today I'm going to show you two new Essence nail polishes from Color&Go line. 

The first one is Be Optimistic! I had to try this one first, because the color was so interesting. It's a bronzing shade with golden shimmer. The pigmentation of this polish is great, it's opaque in one coat. You have to be careful with application, because this polish leaves brush strokes.  I used two coats for this swatch.

Essence Be Optimistic, indoors.
Essence Be Optimistic, sun.

The second polish is Make It Golden. I think this one is one of the most expected polishes from Essence's new range. This polish has a clear base and it contains golden shimmer, small round and big hexagon glitters. It's gorgeous polish for layering. I applied one coat of Make It Golden over Be Optimistic. I love both polishes, just not together. These two colors are not a good combination. I have to try Make It Golden over some other shades. 

Did you get anything from new Essence assortment? What do you think about these two polishes?

Simple Blue and Purple Make Up

This look was actually made to test new Essence make up base and mascara from collection I Love. It's simple, but I loved it, so I decided to show it to you.

I used:
* Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base
* Sleek Curacao I-Divine palette (Purple Haze in crease and Martini as highliter)
* MNY 404A (over whole lid)
* Essence 50's Girls Reloaded I'm A Marine Girl
* Essence I LOve Extreme Volume Mascara

At the moment I'm very satisfied with mascara and make up base. I'll write review soon on my blog, but now I already can tell, that this mascara is one of my favourites. It gives volume to my lashes and it curls them nicely. 

I hope you like this look. Next time I'm back with nail polish related post.

Layering with Golden Rose Sweet Color 49

Golden Rose Sweet Color 49 is the most beautiful polish, I bought in Bulgaria. It's polish for layering, and it has beautiful glitter, which goes from orange and yellow to blue and green. This is, how it looks in the bottle. It's very sparkly.

It also looks super great on the nails, but it was so hard to photograph. I couldn't capture all colors of glitter. This was actually the best photo, that shows its colors, but still not all. On other photos glitter looked too silver, but in RL it's not silver at all. I layered it over Ilona Lux 38.

So I made a video to show you the true beauty of this polish. His quality is not the best, but it shows all the colors of this polish on the nails.


I also love this beauty, because it's so easy to remove. All I needed was a cotton pad and a nail polish remover and that was that. No nail foil tehnique, which is great.

Peacock Manicure and JulieG Nail Polishes

Some time ago JulieG made a peacock tutorial and I loved it so much, that I had to do it on my nails. Her tutorial you can watch here.

I love, how it turned out. The light is so yellow, because I took photo at 6 p.m., when the sun was already going down.

Polishes, that I used, are: Miss Sporty 60 (base color), Vollare Nail Artistic 136 (black), S-he 230 (gold), Essence BBC Splash Refresh (turquise) and Astor 070 (blue). 

Here is one photo, I made with flash.

Lovely Kathy contacted me and agreed to find me JuliG nail polishes. She find me three colors. I was so excited, when I've got her package. And now I can't wait to try them out. Thank you very much, Kathy. :)

Beauty Guru, Cupcake Frosting and Mermaid's Lagoon.

Review: Manhattan and Buffalo Green Stiletto

Today I have for you a second palette from Manhattan&Bufallo collection. This one is called Green Stiletto.

The concept is the same as by Beige Ballerina - two darker and two brighter green shades, all matt, except the brighter one, which has some shimmer in it. Both darker shades are more greyish green. The pigmentation od these eyeshadows isn't the same, some are more pigmented and some less. The green one (second in a row from right) has the best pigmentation in the palette, meanwhile has the lightest greyish green (third in a row from right) bad pigmentation. In there wouldn't be any grey in it, it would look the same as the brightest on ein palette.

For the swarches I didn't use any eyeshadow base. 

And here is a make up look, I did with this palette. I did it over Artdeco eyeshadow base. The gel liner is Mather Earth Is Watching You from  Essence Natventurista collection. Under my eyes I used Essence 2in1 kaja pencil in Mix&Match. Mascara is as always MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look.

You can read my review of Beige Ballerina palette here.

There are four palettes in this collection. They are available in Müller. One costs 5 €.

Review: Balea Aqua Product

Balea Aqua Feuchtugkeits Serum

I've bought this product after I've read good reviews about it and now it's my must have product for the skin. It mousturizes my skin and gaves it refresing feeling. With only one pressure I get enough product for whole skin. I use it in the morning, after I wash my face and in the evening, before I go to bed. Because my skin is dry, I also have to use a cream in the winter, because the serum too light to be used alone. The packaging contains 30 ml of product. I don't remember the exact price, but I think, it's around 3 €.

 Balea Aqua Augen Roll-one

I needed one cream for my eyes, so I decided to try this one, because I was very satisfied with aqua serum. The product it's in tube, it's white and very light. It has a small ball for applying a cream. I use it to apply a cream  under my eyes and then I use circlee motions to spread it out. I love to use it in the morning, because it gaves me a refresing feeling, so I'm more awake. If I use to much product, my eyes start smarting, but now I already learned, how much product I have to use and I don't have these problems anymore. In the tube is 15 ml of product and I think, that this one is also around 3 €.

Did you try any product from Balea Aqua line? What product do you use for your skin?

Stash Comparison 1: Indigo

I went through my stash and I saw, I have quite a few similar shades, so I did some comparisons. I'll public them in few posts, named Stash Comparison. 

Today I have for you indigo comparison. Barry M Indigo was long time on my WL, but when I finally got it, I noticed. that I already have similar shade - Rimmel Blue My Mind.

I compared them on my nails and I can conclude, that these are 100 % dupes. They're both easy to apply and are opaque in two coats. Both have great formula and cream finish. The bottle of Barry M is bigger, it contains 10 ml of polish, meanwhile Rimmel contains only 8 ml. 
If you own Rimmel polish, you know that it has big and rounded brush. I kinda like it, because I can easily apply polish on my nails. Barry M has regular brush, I don't know, how to describe it otherwise.

Rimmel polishes aren't available in Slovenia. Barry M is available online - slovenian costumer can buy it on website Lič or on their own site.

This is gorgeous shade and I recommend you to get one of these.

Review: Manhattan M&Buffalo Beige Ballerina

Ballerina Backstage was a part of Manhattan&Buffalo limited edition collection. At that time it wasn't available by us, but now they have it in Müller's in their regular line.

In this little palette are four eyeshadows, two darker and two brighter. They are matt, except the brightest one, which have some shimmer in it. They named palette Beige Ballerina, but these colors are brown, not beige. I like the packaging - the eyeshadows are in cardboard, which has a magnet for closing palette. It also has one small applicator, but I haven't use it.

For these swatches I didn't use any eyeshadow base. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is not bad on their own, but it's great over base. Matt eyeshadows are usually hard to blend, but these won't make you any problems with that, because they blend very easily. I wore them on my lids a whole day and they didn't crease. The brighter one is perfect as a highliter.

And here is one look, I made using all four colors. These colors are perfect for a natural look, so you can use it every day. For the base I used Artdeco eyeshadow base, gel eyeliner is Essence Sun Club All Night Brown and mascara MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look.

I know, this photo isn't the best, but it shows good the difference between used colors.

These eyeshadows are small. It's not written on the package, how big they are, but I would say around 5 g all together. The price is 5 € in Müller. Overall, this is great palette and I think you won't regret, if you buy it. 

Did you get anything from Manhattan&Buffalo collection? What do you think about it?

One Old EOTD And Colorful NOTD

Here is one of my old make up looks. It's simple and neutral look I made using Essence Sun Club Long Island Breeze palette. These eyeshadows are shimmery, but easy to blend and good pigmented, so I use them a lot.

And this is my today's NOTD. I needed something to cheer me up, so I used a lot of bright colors. I was admiring skittles french manicure on Ivana's blog and decided to finally tried it. I did my own version and I love it. It looks so colorful. :) 

Index finger: Essence Blossoms etc. Bloom-A-Loom, Essence Makes Me Weak, Essence Troy;
Middle finger: Essence Makes Me Weak, Ussence Urban Messages It Peace, Essence Troy;
Ring finger: Essence Sun Club BBC Chasing Waves, Essence Blossoms etc. Bloom-A-Loom, Essence Troy;
Pinky: Catrice Up In The Air, Essence Sun Club BBC Chasing Waves, Essence Troy.

Essence Twins Gabriella And Troy

I love Essence Nail Art Twins polishes. They are super pigmented and easy to apply. Gabriella is a purple shade with blue shimmer. It needs two coats to be opaque. I like, how it looks alone on me, but I prefer it with her twin.

Troy has purple, blue and silver glitter in it and it's one of the most beautiful glittery polishes, I own. This photo doesn't make him justice, it looks so better in RL. Removing glittery polishes is PITA, but there's nothing that foil tehnique can't save. I totally recommend you to buy this one, if you have a chance. I applied one coat of Troy over Gabriella. 

Ilona Lux Nail Polish 38

My camera hates my polishes. This one looks greener in RL. The formula is watery and the polish is very sheer, so I applied 4 coats, but I still can see nail lines on photos. In RL they weren't so visible. The application was great, but 4 coats it's a lot. I bought it in Bulgaria. I thought this one is going to be my favourite from Bulgarian haul, but I'm quite disappointed with its formula. The shimmery one, that I've showed you here, is much better.