Winter Edition 4: Covered With Snow

Do you know the moment, when you have a great idea in your head, but then when you want to realise it, it doesn't turn out good. Well, something like that happened with my fourth winter manicure idea. I was planning to do a house and a tree, covered with snow, but in my head both looked better. I draw them and they do look like a hause and a tree, but I'm not satisfied with them.

For other nails I didn't know, what to do, so in the end I did footsteps in snow on my forefinger and my pinkie shows snowing. When I was applying TC, everything was dry, except footsteps, so I smudged them and there are some brown lines on nail. I hate that that always happens to me. It looks like I'm not patient enough.

I hope you're having a nice Christmas Eve with you family.

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