Winter Edition 2: Snowman

It's Monday and it's time for another Winter Edition pots. This time it's a snowman. I draw only one snowman, because it took me too many time and I think it looks better that way. I loved it so much, that I made full manicure and wore it for three days. After that I had to remove it because of the chipping.

Without TC.
With TC.
As a base color I used dark blue polish from S-he. On ring finger I draw a snowman, but on others I added some glitter for stars and I made snowfall with white Beauty Uk polish. In the end I added TC, but I should wait a bit more, because I smudged snowmans buttons. I have a feeling, that I'm always so impatience, when it comes to TC. I never wait long enough for nail art to dry.

What do you think about this manicure? Are you already in winter mood?

8 komentarjev

  1. Ooo, adijo pamet, ful dobro! :)
    Ja, jaz sem že čisto zimska, ampak hočem sneg! :D

  2. he is sooo freaking cute ! I love that you did a snowman on just one nail, and the other ones with dots :D I did the same thing ;) it looks gorgeous that way :D

  3. @Mateja: Hvala. Jaz pa ne, imam raje poletje. Je pa zabavno delati zimski nail art.

    @Ivana: Hvala. :)

    @Theodora: Thank you. I agree, it looks better that way. Also your manicure is very beautiful. :)

  4. adorable!! these are sooo pretty!

  5. eh, ovako nekako će i moj izgledati ;-D
    ... ako ga uspijem nacrtati ;-)