Today I feel so unispired for writing reviews (I still have to review Travalo), so I'm rather going to show you, what I've got in swaps lately.

First swap I made with Simona from Light Your Nails. We agree to swap only one polish, but she send me one extra. Thank you for that, Simona. She's from Italy, so I asked her to send me Kiko nail polish, because I didn't had any and I've heard, that they are great, so I wanted to try them. These are 231 and 349. I already wore them as a manicure, so you can expect swatches soon on my blog.

The second swap I made with Carolina from Colored De Carol. She've sent me my first China Glaze polishes. These are Techno Teal, Blue Year's Eve and Skyscraper. Love them all. Skyscraper was the love at first sight, so it will probably be my next full manicure.

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  1. Can't wait to see your next manicure.

  2. Blue Year's Eve is gorgeous, you're gonna love it!!

  3. @AnyRainbow: Do a swap with someone. ;)

    @Carolina: Thank you. :)

    @NatalieDouka: I think so too. :)

    @marox: Thank you. :)

  4. I'm happy you like the Kikos and I am curious to know what you think about their quality. Can't wait to see Techno Teal swatches, it looks amazing in the bottle!

  5. joj, ovaj drugi kiko mi tako primamljivo izgleda, jedva čekam swatch... ali dobre si lakiće dobila, super :-D

  6. Super lakovi, bas svi su odlicni

  7. Vsi izgledajo čudovito, mogoče je Skyscraper za en odtenek boljši ;)

  8. @Simona: I'm going to write a blogpost about it this week. But I can tell you that I like it.

    @nail crazy: Hvala, meni so vsi všeč. Tale zeleni Kiko pa je prekrasen. <3

    @hermetic: Hvala.

    @MissDoll: Skyscraper je prekrasen, čudovito izgleda na nohtih.