Silver Metallic Depend

Today it's Monday and I should publish my fourth Winter Edition post, but the problem is, that my camera is 200 km away from me, so I couldn't photograph my fourth nail art idea. My camera on my phone is bad and the photos would be blurry, so that wasn't an option. I'll try to do this manicure and publish it later this week or next Monday.

Today I'm showing you silver metallic Depend polish, which number I don't know, because it's deleted from teh bottle. It's very pigmented, so it would be enough one coat, but I added two from habit. I probably won't use it alone, but it's going to be perfect for nail art or konad.

Application is good, but there are some visible brush strokes. Affter applying top coat they aren't visible anymore.

Do you like metallic polishes?

3 komentarji

  1. Res škoda, da nimaš številke. Me pa zelo zanima kako bi izgledal pri konadiranju. In ali si opazila še kakšno drugo barvo takega laka pri Dependu?

  2. Izbrisala se je. Bom šla pogledat v DM in jo potem naknadno napišem. Mislim, da je še zlata, za druge pa ne vem.