Playing With Remix Your Style Top Coats

I know you already saw these polishes many times, but I just had to publish this post. In the end I manage to get all 4 top coats from Remix Your Style TE (I was waiting so long for them) and I was layering them over different polishes to see, which combination is the best. There will be a lot photos in this post. Some are made in lightbox and some outside.

Here is the army of top coats:
* Love or Feels So Good
* Pop or Just Can't Get Enough
* Rock or We Will Rock You
* Dance or Waking Up In Vegas

I layered them over next polishes:
* green from set Beauty UK Urban Girl
* Alessandro Belle Mademoiselle
* Essence Remix Your Style Stairway To Heaven
* Essence Remix You Style Maybe I'm Amazed

Base polishes alone on nails. I used two coats of each.

Feels So Good  is a top coat with purple shimmer. This TC is right what it says - love. I like how it looks over dark shades. It's also duochrome, in some angles it looks green.

Just Can't Get Enough is a glittery holographic top coat. Its base it's pink, but I don't mind, because this truly is holographic polish (we all know, that Essence knows to mix up holo and duochrome).

We Will Rock You is a top coat with smoky finish. That means it makes all polishes look darker. I think it's a good idea, but I don't really like how it looks over these four polishes (maybe only over purple). Over green it looks horrible. Blue and brown don't look much darker. I'll have to try it over some other polishes. It also has some shimmer in it.

 Waking Up In Vegas layered over combination with We Will Rock You.

Waking Up In Vegas, beautiful top coat with flakies, that we were all crazy about. My favourite combination was with Alessandro polish, so I made it for my manicure, that you already saw here.

My favourite from these is obviously Waking Up In Vegas. What's yours?