Flormar N002 + Cloudy Nail Art

December is finally here. :) By us we called it "Veseli december" or Happy December. Although I don't like winter, cold and snow, I love December because of its holidays. I can't wait that Christmas will be finally here. I will celebrate festive December on my blog with some small giveaways, but I'll give you more informations about that in my next post today.

I decided to start Happy December on my blog with blue. This is Flormar N002 (I hate those numbers) from their neon range, that I've got on my trip to Bulgaria. I love, how this color looks on me. I don't know why I don't wear it more often. Wait, I do know. Because I have so many polishes and I can't wear them all at the same time. Oh, well. I think I've used here three coats, because after two there was still visible nail line.

These swatches are a bit older, I just haven't had a change to publish them before. When I was doing them, the sky looked beautiful with clouds, so I decided to do a nail art.  

I draw clouds free-hand on my nails, but I wasn't too much satisfied with final result. I also didn't wait long enough for white polish to dry, so I smudged clouds a bit. I think if I would do clouds on only one nail, it would look better.

For this nail art I used Flormar N002 and Essence Black And White White Hype. And of course a dotting tool for drawing clouds.

17 komentarjev

  1. preeeedivno :)
    da je bar ovde tako lepo vreme...

  2. Zelo lepo.

    Me spominja na poletje in na tople dni.

  3. @Anibani: Hvala. :) Saj pri nas tudi ni takega lepega vremena, je pa bilo pred časom, ko sem delala to slikala. Kar pogrešam to vreme.

    @Mateja: Hvala. Jaz kar pogrešam poletje in tople dni.

  4. preslatko, morat ću ovo jednom probat :-D

  5. I also have this polish :). I love the color, but the application of mine polish was really bad.
    I also like your nail art design! :)

  6. prekrasna je boja, flormar lakovi su mi super, tek sam ih par probala, ali sigurno cu ih kupit jos

  7. Odlicno!Mnogo mi se svidja,moracu da probam i ja da napravim

  8. I love that blue polish so much! I put it on my to-buy-list :D

  9. @nail crazy: Hvala. Se že veselim tvoje manikure. :)

    @zebra-nails: Thank you. I didn't have any problems with application.

    @Lendoxia: Tudi meni so super. Škoda, da niso na voljo pri nas, bi jih takoj imela več.

    @Mimi: Hvala. :)

    @Theodora: I hope we're gonna see it on your nails soon. :)

  10. This blue is so pretty and the clouds are so cute!

  11. Odlicno.. Definitivno cu prekopirati, nadam se da nesmeta :)

  12. gde kupiti neon flormar lakove u srbiji?nema ih u radnjama

    1. Jaz sem svoje kupila na počitnicah v Bolgariji, tako da ti ne znam pomagati. :(