Essence Lipglosses

Today I'm going to review Essence lipglosses from their line Stay With Me and XXL Shine. 

From their collection Stay With Me I've tried My Favourite Milkshake and Candy Bar. MFM is my favourite, I already ended up three lipglosses. MFM is brigh pink and Candy Bar is coral lipgloss. The concept of the brush is ok, but I prefer regular brushes. I can use it nice for my lower lip, but for my upper lip I usually use only the end of the brush. These lipglosses mousturize lips and are not sticky. They should last long, but for me they last long as other lipglosses. They contain 4 ml of product.

Essence XXL Shine True Love lipgloss I've got for my birthday from my friend some time ago. True love is dark red shimmery lipgloss. I love it, because it mousturizes my lips, it gaves them color and it's not sticky. But I hate the packaging, because the writing deletes if you wear it in purse. I can't read anything from the package anymore. I like the brush, application is so easy with it.

Do you use Essence lipglosses? What do you think about them?