Alverde Mademoiselle LE

Today I have for you swatches of some Alverde product from Mademoiselle limited edition collection. These are my first Alverde product and I'm impressed with them. I bought lipstick in Nude, eyeshadow in Vanille and blush in Rose.

The packaging is so cute. It has some dots, laces and every product has a black tie. But it's made out of cardboard. For eyeshadow and blush is ok, but for lipstick is a bit strange. I already dirtied a lid. For lipsticks I prefer plastic package.

Vanille is a beige matt eyeshadow. It's quite pigmented. I use it mostly as I highliter, but also over my whole lid, because lately I mostly wear bright and natural looks. It costs 4,45 €.

Rose is a dusty pink matt blush, very pigmented and it looks great on cheaks. It costs 4,45 €.

Nude is a dark brown lipstick. It sheer, so it doesn't come to dark on lips. It drys my lips a bit, but I'm satisfied with it anyway. It costs 3,95 €.

Did you try Alverde cosmetics? Did you get anything from this LE?

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  1. Ja res je lušna embalaža še posebej mi je všeč ker je narejena malo bolj ekološko. Sem si tudi sama kupila puder od te LE in sem čisto navdušena nad njim.

  2. I love the cardboard package, more eco-friendly!
    I have the Rose lipstick and I love it, I'm a sucker for cute packaging. The only thing I don't understand are the names - Nude for that color?

  3. i think i have that blush, but in different packaging - is that possible?xD where did you bought those?

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  4. @Mateja: Da, glede ekološkosti imaš prav, ampak pri šminki me karton vseeno malo moti.

    @Biberlee: I don't understand the name either, but I like this lipstick anyway.

    @Mihaela: I bought them in DM. Maybe they released the same blush, only in other collection and other package.

  5. Tole pa izgleda zelo zanimivo, je pred kratkim sestra kupila eyeliner iz tele kolekcije in je prav srčkan (pikice in mašnica) in je prav tako navdušena nad kvaliteto. Mene pa mikajo šminke, ampak če so malce izsušujoče...