Alessandro Glam Session Belle Mademoiselle

Today I have for you Alessandro polish from their winter Glam Session collection. It's called Belle Mademoiselle. It's a dark brown shade with golden glitter. It's gorgeous, but I wish that shimmer would be more visible on nails, because there's a lot of it in the bottle. I used two coats.

A close up look. The golden glitter is what makes this polish so special. On nails it's not visible enough for me, but I love it anyway.

Dou you have any Alessandro polish from Glam Session collection? What do you think about them?

8 komentarjev

  1. @let's polish some nails: Šimer je prelep, ampak želim si, da bi bil na nohtih bolj viden.

    @zebra-nails: Thank you. :)

  2. Ravno iščem perfect rjav odtenek in tale si zasluži bližji stik ;)

  3. Mislim, da ti ne bo žal, če ga kupiš. Meni je najljubši rjav lak. ;)