Simple Purple And Blue Make Up Look

Today I have for you one simple MU, that I made with most of product, reviewed last week on my blog. The photos are not the best, because I took them in my lightbox and I still have to figure it out, how too took nice photos, so that colors won't look wash out.

I used:
* Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
* Essence Vampire's Love Love At First Bite palette (pink, purple and grey - on photo unfortunately isn't visible the difference between them)
* Misslyn intense color liner in Cornflower
* Essence I Love Style liquid eyeliner
* Essence I Love Extreme volume mascara

6 komentarjev

  1. like it, plava olovka je zapečatila kombinaciju :-D

  2. Res simple, ampak ti tako lepo paše. Hvala za idejo <3

  3. @nail crazy: Tudi meni se tako zdi.

    @Ana: Hvala. :)

  4. So useful for busy mornings!:) But I like to use purple instead of a blue eyeliner :P

  5. Izgleda super, sploh tista električno modra ;)

  6. @windyar: I would use purple too, but I decided for blue, because I wanted it will look more colorful. :)

    @MissDoll: Da, ta modra je prekrasna.