Review: Revlon Eyeshadows

Today I'll review some Revlon eyeshadows, that I bought on sale. Both products were 1,5 €.

Revlon 009 Rich Sable is a dark brown matte mono eyeshadow. I love the color, it's perfect for everyday use, but it's not very pigmented. I compared it with some other matte eyeshadows I have and it's leats pigmented of all. For the swatch I applied more coats with finger. But I still think it will be good for natural day look, when I won't be in mood for colored or darker look on my lids.

Revlon ColorSay 12 Hours Eyeshadow 18 Azure Mist is a palette with four shimmery eyeshadows. There are two bluish and two greyish eyeshadows. When I swatched them, they worked pretty pigmented, but after I tried them on my lids, I was dissapointed, because these colors didn't showed as they were in palette and after blending they all looked almost the same. On photos you can see, that two lower eyeshadows are darker, but on lids they both came out much brighter. They also promise to look freshly applied for up to 12 hours. I dissagree with that. They didn't crease, it's true, but they after few hours they didn't look like you would just applied them, because they faded on my lids. I'm not very satisfied with this palette, I expected more from it.

Did you try any Revlon eyeshadows? What are your experience with this brand?