Review: Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

This is current my favourite mascara. It has its pluses and minuses, but I think it makes my lashes look great, so I use it every day (or better said: everytime I do my make up).

I bought this mascara, because I've read good reviews about it. It's great and it does, what it promises. But the brush is too big. I can apply it nice on my upper lashes, but I have problems with application on my lower lashes and also in the inner corner of my eye. The brush is just to big to capture all eyelashes. But I love, that it gaves volume to them and it curves them nicely without using an eyelashes curler. It does sticks together lashes like all volume mascaras do, but I think that's not a problem, that can not be solved.

And here are some photos of mascara in action. I photograph my naked eye, but the photo unfortunately isn't the best. But I think the difference between naked eye, eye with one and then two coats of mascara is good visible. On lower lashes I applied only 1 coat, because I prefer it that way. 

Here are two looks, where I used this mascara. I already posted them, but I decided to show them again to you in this post, so everything is in one place.

For me this is a great mascara, specially for the price (around 3 €). It contains 12 ml of product, which is a lot (most of the mascaras, I used, had less than 10 ml of product). I'm definitely going to repurchase it, when I'm going to empty this one. 

What do you think about this mascara? Did you try it or are you planning to try it?

5 komentarjev

  1. Tudi jaz imam tole maskaro in mi je zelo všeč. No meni naredi res lepe trepalnice. In super mi je všeč, ker jih lepo ukrivi. Ni pa mi všeč ker se lahko čez čas začne "drobiti".

  2. Meni je trenutno najljubša maskara. Kako to misliš, drobiti? Da se ti pod očesom poznajo črne pike od maskare? To se je meni dogajalo z vsemi maskarami. Če pa ne misliš to, pa ne razumem, kaj si želela povedati.

  3. Meni so pa Avonove najboljše, mi je všeč če je krtačka gumijasta in jih lepo razčeše

  4. Ja te črne pike sem mislila. Sam pri meni zgleda, kot da se kar dol zdrobi.

  5. @MissDoll: Sem imela eno Avonovo. Ni mi bila slaba, ampak očitno ni bila prava zame, ker mi je ta dosti boljša.

    @Mateja: Ne vem, zakaj se to dogaja, ampak kot sem ti že rekla, jaz sem imela te probleme z vsemi maskarami.