Review and Swatches: Vampire's Love TE Part 1 (Nail Polish)

Yesterday was nice sunny day, so I decided to do swatches. I swatches all 5 polishes from Essence TE Vampire's Love. Last week I came across a whole collection in Müller and I took everything, what I wanted. I also took a blush, eyeshadow palette, perfume and lipstain, but I'll show you reviews in other post. All swatches are made without top coat.

Gold Old Buffy has a dark green base with a lot of green and gold shimmer. It's a special shade, I haven't seen anything like this before. I love it, but it's not my favourite from this collection. I already wore a whole manicure with it, but it chipped after one day. Here I used two thicker coats.

Into The Dark is a darker blue shade with silver and purple shimmer. I'm a big fan of blues, so I love this shade. Here I used two coats.

True Love is a beautiful dark purple shade with purple shimmer. This one is my favourite from this collection. Today I'm wearing it for the second time (with some update). I think I'm again starting to love purple, because during a spring and a summer I rarely wore it. Here I used two coats. 

The Dawn Is Broken is another special shade in this collection. It's only bright shade. It's grey with a lot of grey glitter and silver shimmer. Here I used two coats. 

Hunt Me If You Can is a black shade with with multicolored shimmer, but the most visible is silver. I actually don't like this shade that much, it's nothing special. It reminds me of Catrice I Wear My Sunglases At Night, which is also not one of my favourite shades. I know the light on this photo is strange, but it the best shows a color of this polish. Here I use two coats.  

What are you planning to get from this collection or what did you get?