Review And Swatches: Misslyn Cosmetics

Misslyn Cosmetics is a new brand, that came in our stores in September. For the beginning I tried a rich color gloss, nail polish and two intense color liners.

Intense Color Liner
I bought two in colors in 154 Blue Lagoon (dusty green) and 179 Cornflower (vivid blue). They are creamy, soft and very pigmented. On waterline they doesn't last very long, but longer than Essence liners. When you line your eyes, the color stays intensive for more hours and they doesn't fade. One liner contains 0,78 g of product and it costs 2,89 €. I'm going to get me more of those liners, because they're great.

Rich Color Gloss
Mine is called 25 Papaya Sorbet and it's orangy colored nude. The pigmentation is great. It smells nice and it mousturizes my lips. The color is less intensive on lips than in a tube, but my experience is: more product you apply on your lips, more intensive is the color and it stays longer on your lips. But you should not exaggerate. The packaging contains 4,5 ml of product and it costs 5,79 €.

540 Real Khaki is a cream khaki green shade, very pigmented and easy to appy. Here I used two coats, but one would be enough. Missly polishes contain 10 ml of product. They costs 4,89 €.

I like the packaging, because you buy everything wrapped in a plastic paper (or what should I call that). That way you can be sure, that no one used this product before you. 

It's not the cheapest cosmetics, but I think some things are worth to buy. I think the polishes are a bit too expensive for only 10 ml, but they have some beautiful and original shades. Intensive color liners are great and I'm definitely going to get me some more of these. I also like rich color gloss because of its pigmentation. My first experience with this cosmetics is great and I'm going to try some more of their product.

I hope, I didn't forget to write something, but if I did or if you have a question, just write it in a comment below. What you think about Missly cosmetics? Did you try anything from them yet or are you planning to?