Polishes, that are searching a new home

I was reorganizing my stash last week and there were some polishes, that I probably won't use again, si I decided to find them a new home. Because I don't have paypal account, I won't do a blog sale, I will do only swap (international and Slovenia). Most of the polishes were used once as a manicure or swatched and some I never used (Essence Ultimate Pink, Eyeko Pink Polish, Essence Carrie).

If you are interested in any of these polishes, send me email on tgjerkes@gmail.com.

Catrice Blues Brother Vol. II, Catrice Iron Mermaiden, Catrice Purpelized, S-he 454, S-he  376.

 H&M: Light Purple, Beige, Grey, Coral. 

 L.A. Colors Metallic Purple, Catharine Arley 263, B.pretty Chocolate, B.pretty Dark Berries. 

 L.A. Girl Rock Star, Pure Ice Cheatin, Essence Nail Art Twins Carrie.

 Barry M Indigo, Essence Show You Feet Catwalk Pink, H&M Hello Kitty Cool Summer, Manhattan Lotus Effect 53U.

Vollare Roxy 322, Maybelline Forever Strong Golden Brown, Eyeko Punk Polish, Essence Ultimate Pink.

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  1. Ooo, talepe barve so pa že šle, sem vedno prepozna