NOTD And Haul

My momentary manicure is 2 coats of Essence Vampire's Love True Love and 1 coats of Misslyn Las Vegas. I love this combo. <3

I read some bad reviews about this polish, but I personally love it. Yes, it is sheer, but it looks beautiful layered over purple polish. It has gold glitter and multicolored shimmer (it's nice visible in the bottle and on nails, but I see, that my camera didn't catch it). 

I also did some shopping last week and today. Müller has 40 % off on some O.P.I. polishes, so I decided to get some. I only found two colors, that I liked. Revlon has very bad offer by us, but I took some eyeshadows, because they costs only 1,5 € and I wanted to try them. Today I was in Beauty World and I saw, that they have Kinetics polishes. I took three shades, but there were some more, that interested me, so I will definitely go back. Bourjois 10 Days has a new shade and because I had DM's coupon for 50 % discount on these polishes, I decided to try it. I will swatch everything, I just don't know, when everything is going to be published.