My New Konad Stamper And First Konad Manicure With It

I know, long and strange title. I was never very good in konading and I always had problems with stamping a patterns on nails. In the end I figure it out, that problem could be in a stamper, so I ordered a Konad stamper on Lič I've got it today and immediately I tried it.

This is my first manicure with this stamper. It's not perfect, but I'm so glad, that I finally can stamp a whole pattern on my nails. When I was using Essence stamper, only a half of a pattern stayed on nails. Now I'll do konad more often.

For this manicure I used Essence Vampire's Love Into The Dark, Essence Stamp Me White and m78.

 This is how it looks a whole pattern.

Konad stamper was probably my best repurchase this year. Can't wait to do some more manicures with it.