My JulieG Nail Polishes

Today I have for you very old swatches, that I forgot to publish before. Three Jesse's Girl polishes from JulieG nail polish collection, that I've got in a swap with lovely Kathy.

Jesse's Girl polishes are great. They have a bit smaller brush, but it's very easy to work with it and all three polishes apply flawless. They dry pretty fast, which is great. And also what I like is that they didn't bubble, when I used thicker coats. Most of polishes usually do. Swatches are made without top coat.

Cupcake Frosting is a pink cream shade. If you read my blog regular, you know, I don't like pink. But I think this one looks good on my long nails. I used two thicker coats.

Beauty Guru is a dusty orange cream shade. I love orange, so this is perfect polish for me. I used three coats, because after two coats the application was still uneven. When polish drys, it looks darker than in the bottle.

Mermaid's Lagoon is a teal shade with golden shimmer. I love this shade, teal and gold go perfect together. I used two coats.

8 komentarjev

  1. They´re all gorgeous, but I love the pink one! And it suits you ;)

  2. They are soo bright even without topcoat! Super!

  3. The first polish made me want to wear pink on my nails again :D

  4. O, super, pa si jih le dobila :)

  5. o kurcza jakie super kolory!!a paznokcie masz sliczne

  6. @moonchild: Meni tudi. :)

    @Theodora: Thank you. :)

    @Simona: They look great without TC.

    @Elsa: Then you should wear it. ;)

    @Biba: Da, nekaj mi jih je uspelo dobiti. Sem zelo vesela. :)

    @agnesss25: Thank you. I hope, I understood you comment right. :D