Tag: As Time Passes By ...

I saw this tag by Ivana and although I wasn't tagged, I decided to post it, because it's fun and different tag.

You have to post one manicure from the start of your blogging and compare it to your newest manicure.

This was the first manicure, that I posted on my blog.

And these is the manicure, that I posted yesterday.

It's such a big difference between them. Now my nails have different, better shape and my cuticles look better. I had rounded nails before, but I like the shape they have now better.  It looks like I didn't really take care of my cuticles in those times, when I started blogging. Now it's different and my nails are my priority.

I still have the same camera, but now my photos look better, because I put more effort in them. At the beginning I had different writing for my watermarks, but then I choose one and stayed by it. I'm taking photos in different places, it depends from light, cloudy or sunny days, eary or late hours ... 

And now I tag all of you, who want to do this tag. It's fun and it will be nice to see, how your nails have changed.