Stash Comparison 4: Dark Shimmery Blue

Today's post is colored in blue. I have for you dark blue shimmery comparison. The time is right for this comparison, because it's fall and darker shades are perfect for this season.

Farmasi 85, 2 coats
Maybelline MiniColorama Electric Blue, 2 coats
S-he Stylezone 290 (new range), 2 coats
Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Blue Jeans, 2 coats
MaxFactor Cloudy Blue, 4 coats

Essence Rock Rebell, 2 coats
MNY 665, 2 coats
CCUK Midnight Blue, 2 coats
Barry M Navy, 2 coats
Catrice It Blue My Mind, 2 coats

I compared 10 dark blue shimmery polishes from different brands. On first photo are 4 shades with more metallic finish and one darker, because I couldn't include it in second group (I have only 5 fingers on one hand :)). There aren't any dupes, although Deborah, S-he, MiniColorama and Farmasi are very close. Someone, that isn't that into nail polishes, probably wouldn't notice the difference. My least favourite from these four is S-he, because it chips so fast. I actually wore these 10 polishes as a manicure, when I was doing this comparison and S-he polish chipped after few hours. 
What makes other 6 polishes different, is the shimmer. Catrice and Barry M look the same in the bottle, but not on nail.s You can see, that Catrice has more visible blue shimmer than Barry M. On photo look MNY and Essence very close, but MNY has darker blue base than Essence. My favourite dark blue shimmery polish is definitely Catrice It Blue My Mind.

I made this comparison some time ago and from that time I bought some more dark blue shimmery polishes, so here is a group photo of all of them together. I have a lot of them, but I love this color. I also included Essence cracking top coat. Here you can see comparison between Catrice IBMM and Blues Brother Vol. II.

And because today is everything blue, I decided to show you one EOTD, that I wore two days ago. It's very simple. I used Essence I'm A Marine Girl eye pencil and blend it out with MNY 404A eyeshadow. Lately I love to wear blue make up.

Which one is your favourite dark blue shimmery polish? Do you like this colors as much as I do?

5 komentarjev

  1. Meni se zdijo zelo podobni eden drugemu :)
    Je pa res, da mi tak odtenek modre ni preveč pri srcu.

  2. Podobni so si, niso pa enaki, kar je tisto, kar sem iskala. Jaz pa ravno tak odtenek obožujem.

  3. ajmeeee, koliko modrih lakića *.*
    krasni su svi, i moj favorit ostaje catrice it blue my mind :-D

  4. jaz sem ena izmed srečnic, ki ima It Blue My Mind ampak se steklenička kar prazni zato si bom morala kamalu nabaviti alternativo-Blue Brothers Vol. II. Sem si pa pred kratkim tudi jaz kupila tole barvico in mi je super barva samo škoda, ker na mojih mastnih vekah ni obstojna