Stash Comparison 3: Purple

Today I have for you another stash comparison. During some period I was a huge purple fan and I wore only purple, so I have quite a lot of purple shades. In this post I'll show you three different shades of purple. I also included my duochrome polishes here, because they all have some purple in it.


Essence Meet Lilac, 2 coats
Essence Where Is The Party, 3 coats
Catrice Iron Mermaiden, 3 coats   

You probably already saw this comparison, when these polishes came out, but because I have all three in my collection and this is called Stash Comparison, I have to show them to you. It's obviously, that they are not dupes. Lilac has very vibrant purple and not so visible green, special in the sun, WITP has more dusty purple and more visible green and IM is more brighter than both Essence polishes. IM is also more sheer than other two, because it needs more coats. WITP is opaque in two coats, but here I applied three, because I wasn't enough careful with application. They all leave brush strokes and have shimmer. My favourite from these is Lilac, but this one is not available anymore, because it was part od Essence TE Meet


Catrice Lucky In Lilac, 2 coats
Deborah Milano Pret A Porter 33 Iris Bon Bon, 3 coats
Essence The One And Only, 2 coats
S-he 375 (old version), 3 coats 

Next group are lilac shades. S-he is here exception, because it's the most dissimilar to other polishes. It has pink shimmer and it's very sheer. Catrice, Deborah and Essence are very close, but yet not dupes. Catrice is a bit colder shade than Essence. Deborah is darker and it has a bit more blue undertone in it. The application of all was good. Deborah is the least opaque, because it needed 3 coats. My favourite in this group is Catrice Lucky In Lilac.


H&M Dark Purple, 3 coats
Essence Break Through, 2 coats
Essence Gabriella, 2 coats
Essence Dress To Party, 2 coats

And the last one are four bright purple shades. No dupes in this group also, as you can see. Here are pretty close Essence Gabriella and Break Through, but is the shimmer, which makes them different. Gabriella has blue shimmer and Break Through has a pink shimmer. Dress To Party is also shimmery shade, but it's darker. My favourite in this group is Gabriella.

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