Catrice Blues Brother Vol. II

Blues Brother Vol. II is one of the new Catrice polishes. It's a dark blue shimmery shade. The application is not one of the best. By this polish is better to have less polish on brush than more or there is a lot of clean up. Here I used 2 coats.

Did you noticed, than on these photos are two shades? I bet, you haven't. I applied Catrice It Blue My Mind on my ring finger and Blues Brother Vol. II on all others. Here is the comparison between polishes in the bottle. You can click on photo to make it bigger. You'll see, that there are some differences between them. 

In the sun the difference between these polishes isn't visible, but in the shade you can see, that they are not the same. The base color is the same, but the shimmer is what makes them different. Blues Brother Vol. II has bigger shimmer. I prefer It Blue My Mind, because it's more pigmented and easier to apply. 

And a close-up look. 

If you have It Blue My Mind, you don't need Blues Brother Vol. II. It does have beautiful shimmer, but that's it. It Blue My Mind has much better formula. Unfortunately they discontinued it, but I think Blues Brother Vol. II isn't the best replacement for it.

What about you, did you try Blues Brother Vol. II? What do you think about it?