Make Up Look, Inspired By A Manicure

Do you remember this manicure? It was inspiration for this green make up look, I did. I didn't used exact colors as by manicure, because I don't have them, but I tried to use as similar colors as posible. I added some silver in one third of lower lashline. I also used green gel liner, but it wasn't that visible, because eyeshadows are too strong. I think this look was successful, because it turned out as I expected.

Product, I used:
* Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
* Essence mono eyeshadow It's My Party
* Essence mono eyeshadow Colour Splash
* Essence Metallics quatro eyeshadow Steel Me
* Essence 50's Girls Reloaded kajal pencil Love Me Tender
* Essence kajal pencil Black
* Essence Natverturista gel liner Barefoot Through The Moss
* Essence I Love Extreme mascara

I hope, you like the look I made. I really enjoyed doing it. And here is one photo together with a manicure.

Halloween Manicure

Today I wanted to do a water marble, but nothing worked for me. Polishes didn't want to spread on the water. I tried different polishes, the first one always spread on the water, but the others didn't want to, so in the end I give up.

I didn't plan to do a nail art for haloween, but I saw this tutorial on Youtube from Cutepolish and because water marble wasn't successful today, I decided to recreate spider web design. I'm not very satisfied with final result, but probably just because today isn't my nail art day.  

And here are polishes, I used. 


Who doesn't love them? For this manicure I used one of the old Essence Color&Go polishes Glisten Up, which is unfortunately already discontinued. I applied one coat of Glisten Up over Misslyn Real Khaki. I so loved this manicure, that I wore it for three days, which is a lot for me, because lately I change my manicure almost every day. I had to remove it after three days, because it chipped. Now I have to try Glisten Up over some other polish/color. Too bad that its bottle is so small. But luckily I have a back up bottle.

Green Sponge Manicure

How are you today? Here in Ljubljana it's raining and it's such a boring day. Today I have another nail art for you. This is one of my old manicures. I actually don't have that much to say about it. 
I wanted to do green sponging as my manicure, but it looked boring, so I added some black flowers -  or what should I call that? - and golden-brown dots. I liked the final result. It's was something different from what I usual wear on my nails.

What do you think about it?

Autumn Nails

Today I have for you another nail art. This time it is autumn colored. The inspiration were autumn colors and leaves. I enjoyed doing it, but it took me some time. Well, at leats I'm satisfied with final result.

As a base color I applied Essence Viva La Green and then I sponged it with Jesse's Girl Beauty Guru, Essence Sundancer and Essence Wake Up. In the end I draw one leaf on each nail. I did a bit mess, when I was applying TC, because the leaves weren't completely dry.

What do you think about my autumn manicure?

Green and Silver Nail Design

Yesterday I've showed you Essence Trust In Fashion nail polish, but I haven't wore it alone, because I decided to upgraded it. This idea originally isn't mine, because I saw a tutorial for it on Youtube, but I can't find a video anymore to give credits to a girl, who did it.

I did a green combination, because lately I love green. I added silver stripes and dots. I think, silver goes perfectly together with green. 

 I really like this design. I wore it for two days and then I removed it, because it chipped.

How do you guys like it?

Essence Trust In Fashion + My Prize

You probably have noticed, that I have been gone for some days. Well, I actually didn't go anywere, I just took small break from blogging. I wanted to do Essence week this week, because I found some old photos of products, that I still have to review, but I wasn't in the mood for writing reviews. I'll probably sit down this weekend, write all the reviews and then just publish them. I'll see.

Today I have some nail photos for you. This is Essence Trust In Fashion. I think it came out in spring. It's beautiful dark green shade with great pigmentation and good aplication. Here I used two coats. I upgraded it, but more about it tommorow.

Lovely Dolores from Life And Lemonade had a giveaway some time ago and I won a prize - click&go nails from Essence. I received her package today. She also send me these cute earings, that I already wore today and I love them. Thank you, girls, for this lovely prize.

Review And Swatches: NYX The Caribbean Collection I Dream Of St. Lucia

Moja Drogerija has a sale, so I decided to purshase NYX eyeshadow palette, because I wanted to try this brand. I took I Dream Of St. Lucia palette from The Caribbean Collection.

There are 5 eyeshadows in the palette. They are bright, big and they totally justify the name of the collection. I specially like the orange one. The palette contains 8 g of product.

I was surprised, how pigmented these eyeshadows are. I haven't tried them yet on my lids, because lately I'm not very in the mood for doing make up, I just use eye pencil and mascara, but I bet, that they'll act great in action. Here are the swatches (I didn't use eyeshadow base):

This palette is still available and you can order it here (Slovenian girls).

Stash Comparison 4: Dark Shimmery Blue

Today's post is colored in blue. I have for you dark blue shimmery comparison. The time is right for this comparison, because it's fall and darker shades are perfect for this season.

Farmasi 85, 2 coats
Maybelline MiniColorama Electric Blue, 2 coats
S-he Stylezone 290 (new range), 2 coats
Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Blue Jeans, 2 coats
MaxFactor Cloudy Blue, 4 coats

Essence Rock Rebell, 2 coats
MNY 665, 2 coats
CCUK Midnight Blue, 2 coats
Barry M Navy, 2 coats
Catrice It Blue My Mind, 2 coats

I compared 10 dark blue shimmery polishes from different brands. On first photo are 4 shades with more metallic finish and one darker, because I couldn't include it in second group (I have only 5 fingers on one hand :)). There aren't any dupes, although Deborah, S-he, MiniColorama and Farmasi are very close. Someone, that isn't that into nail polishes, probably wouldn't notice the difference. My least favourite from these four is S-he, because it chips so fast. I actually wore these 10 polishes as a manicure, when I was doing this comparison and S-he polish chipped after few hours. 
What makes other 6 polishes different, is the shimmer. Catrice and Barry M look the same in the bottle, but not on nail.s You can see, that Catrice has more visible blue shimmer than Barry M. On photo look MNY and Essence very close, but MNY has darker blue base than Essence. My favourite dark blue shimmery polish is definitely Catrice It Blue My Mind.

I made this comparison some time ago and from that time I bought some more dark blue shimmery polishes, so here is a group photo of all of them together. I have a lot of them, but I love this color. I also included Essence cracking top coat. Here you can see comparison between Catrice IBMM and Blues Brother Vol. II.

And because today is everything blue, I decided to show you one EOTD, that I wore two days ago. It's very simple. I used Essence I'm A Marine Girl eye pencil and blend it out with MNY 404A eyeshadow. Lately I love to wear blue make up.

Which one is your favourite dark blue shimmery polish? Do you like this colors as much as I do?


In this post I'm going to show you product, that use till the end. This is originaly Biba's idea and I have to give credits to here at the begining. I think this is great idea and I saw some girls have done it too. My thoughts are, if you use product till the end, then you have to like it, right. At least most od them. :)

1. M-lady Raiser Gel Sensitiv mit Aloe Vera - This gel is perfect for shaving. It's design for sensitive skin. I use it for like a year now and I love it. It smells nice and even if I shave every day/second day, my skin looks great and it's not red. It's available in Müller and it costs around 1,5 € for 150 ml of gel.
2. Balea Face two-phase waterproof make up remover - I love this make up remover. I tried different two-phase make up removers, but this one was the best. It removes every tipe of make up, also waterproof, and it doesn't tease my eyes. When I mix up both liquids, they stay mixed up for some time, what didn't happened with other two-phase removers, where the liquids separated quick. I definitely recommend you to buy this remover. I only wish, it was bigger, because it contains only 100 ml of product. The price is low, I think it costs around 1,5 €.

3. CadeaVera Sanftes Gesichtswasser - I was using this tonic after I washed my face. I liked it, because it refreshed my face, but I didn't like that it gave my skin stickiness feeling. This tonic is available in Müller. I think it costs around 2 € for 200 ml. I won't buy it again, because I wan't to try other tonics.

4. S-he Stylezone Nail polish corrector - This corrector is from their old range, before they change their look. It comes with 3 extra pens. It quite good, but the pens tear up quickly and also nail polish remover run short quick. I don't remember, how much does it cost, but I won't buy it again. Now I'm using make up remover and brush.

5. Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair with 19 active ingrediens - I love this product. It makes my hair soft, they smell nice and they're easy to brush. This is the product, I'll definitely buy again. It costs around 4 €.

6. Bourjois Gentle Nail Enamel Remover - Great nail polish remover without acetone. It didn't dried my nails, what most of nail polish removers do. It has fruity smell. I received it as a gift in DM, when I bought Bourjois polishes, so I don't know the price.

7. Balea Q 10 Handcreme - This is my most used handcream. I like it, because it absorbs fast and it's nutritive. I also like, that it doesn't have perfumed scent. It's available in DM and it costs 1,20 €. It's cheap and great and I'll definitely continue buying it.

8. Lacoste Love Of Pink perfume - My favourite perfume. It smells so nice. I would describe the smell to you, but I'm so bad in that, so I won't. I don't know the exact price, because I receive it as a gift. I was using it for a long time and now it's gone. I think this is first perfume, I use till the end.

Ruby Kisses Ruby Slippers

My first Ruby Kisses nail polish. It's name is Ruby Slippers (thanks god it's not a number :)) and it's jelly shade with red, silver and pink glitter. It reminds me on Christmas. I'll probably wear it more in December. The bottle of this polish is so cute, I like the image on a front site, and it's big. It contains 15 ml of polish, which is great, because by us cheaper polishes are usually smaller. What I hate about this polish is the smell. It stinks like crazy. I don't know, which ingredient is guilty for the smell.
The application was good, but I had to use thinner coats or I had polish all over my cuticles. My camera made this color on nails a bit lighter that it's in person. I don't know, if this is because of jelly base, but imagine it darker. Here I used 2 coats.

Do you have any Ruby Kisses polishes? What do you think about them? Which shade do you recommend me to add to my collection?

Green And Gold? Why Not.

Hello, my dear readers. How are you? Today I went to the oculist and now I see world more cleary. My eyesight went very bad and my dioptry has enlarge a lot. I didn't even realise, how bad do I see until today. Now I have new lenses and I see perfectly good.

Enough of my rambling. Let me show you my manicure. I thought I'll need a good manicure, if I'll go out, so I panted my nails with Viva La Green, that I showed you yesterday (those photos from yesterday's post are older). Then I wanted to add some glitter and I decided for Make It Golden. Green and gold? Why not. I think, it's a good combination. 

What do you think about this combination?

Essence Viva La Green

Viva La Green is a shade from new Essence Color&Go assortment. It's a bright green cream polish. The application is good, as by others Color&Go polishes. Here I use 2 coats. If you're a lover of green polishes, then I suggest you to get this one.

Tag: As Time Passes By ...

I saw this tag by Ivana and although I wasn't tagged, I decided to post it, because it's fun and different tag.

You have to post one manicure from the start of your blogging and compare it to your newest manicure.

This was the first manicure, that I posted on my blog.

And these is the manicure, that I posted yesterday.

It's such a big difference between them. Now my nails have different, better shape and my cuticles look better. I had rounded nails before, but I like the shape they have now better.  It looks like I didn't really take care of my cuticles in those times, when I started blogging. Now it's different and my nails are my priority.

I still have the same camera, but now my photos look better, because I put more effort in them. At the beginning I had different writing for my watermarks, but then I choose one and stayed by it. I'm taking photos in different places, it depends from light, cloudy or sunny days, eary or late hours ... 

And now I tag all of you, who want to do this tag. It's fun and it will be nice to see, how your nails have changed.

NOTD: Sparkly

Another post today. I wanted to show you my nails of the day. The base color is S-he 310, but I didn't like too much, how it looks alone on me, so I added some glittery polishes over it. First I added Constance Carroll Glitzy Aqua Sparkle and then Golden Rose Sweet Color 49. I like the combination od these polishes. I'm actually wearing this manicure for two days now, but I'll probably remove it tommorow, because it already started to chip. I'm using Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer, but I'm not so satisfied with it as other girls are, because my manicures chip on the same or other day, if I use this TC or not. It does dry very fast, but it doesn't prevent chipping for me.

This manicure is so sparkly and obviously it looks better in person. 

What are you wearing on your nails today?

300 Followers Giveaway Winner

I finally checked out all your entries for my giveaway and picked up a winner. There were a lot of invalied entries, so I had do disqualify quite a few people. I'm sorry for that, but the rules are the rules.

But before I announce a winner, I would like to thank to all of you, who have written sweet comments in form, where I was asking, if you have something else to say to me. You are so kind to me and I'm glad, that I have such lovely readers. This is a great incentive to continue with this blog.

And now, the winner of my giveaway is:

Sweet As Honey Blog

I already sent her an email and if she will not answer in 48 hours, I'll pick another winner.
Thank you all for participating in my giveaway and congrats to a winner.

Essence In Style

It looks loke the fall finnaly started to showing its teeth. Today it was such a cold and rainy day by us. Perfect for staying in bed and reading. 
Today I have for you another new shade from Essence. This one is In Style. It dark green shade with green and blue shimmer. The application was good. It leaves brush strokes, but after it drys, they aren't visible anymore. Here I used 2 coats.

Essence Hello Holo

First some words about my giveaway. It ended on Tuesday and I still have to go through most of your entries and check, if everything is ok, so I probably won't announced the winner before weekend. When the winner will be announced, she'll have 48 hours to respond to my email or I'll pick another winner.

Hello Holo is probably the most beautiful toppers from Essence with holo glitter. I applied it over Catrice Captain Sparrow's Boat. First I applied one coat of HH, but something was missing to me, so in the end I applied three coats of HH. This beauty was so hard to photograph, because it was so hard to capture the real holo. This manicure looks so much better in RL. My nails were so sparkly and colorful. Enjoy in photos.