Stash Comparison 2: Bright's

Today I have another stash comparison for you. I compared some bright shades and I decided to post them all together. 

Bright Blue

Umbrella U-108, 3 coats
Maybelline Mini Colorama Party Blue, 2 coats
Essence Fall For Me, 2 coats
Joy 87, 3 coats

Bright blue was one of the colors, that I adored during the spring and summer. Here I compared 4 polishes, that looked very close in the bottle. There aren't any dupes, but I think that someone, who isn't a polish freak, wouldn't notice the difference. Maybe Umbrella and Joy are very close, but I think, they're not 100 % same. A didn't have problems with their application, except with Fall For Me because of its thick formula and the brush. But anyway Fall For Me is my favourite shade from these four, because is the brightest and it has the least watery formula.

Beautyline Deluxe 2, 3 coats
Essence Ballerina Backstage On Your Gracile Tiptoe, 3 coats
Catrice I Scream Peach, 3 coats
Barry M Limited Edition C (coral), 3 coats

Coral is another color, that I loved during spring and summer. Again four very close shades, but none dupes in my opinion. Beautyline has more orange undertone than others and Barry M is the darkest one. Essence and Catrice are very close, but Catrice is more cold coral than Essence. They were all easy to apply and I used 3 coats of each for this swatch. Here I don't have favourite, because none of them steps out. I like them all.


Essence Wake Up, 2 coats
Essence Get The Fever, 3 coats

Essence Get The Fever is one of the old Color&Go nail polishes. It's orange cream shade. I compared it with Wake Up, because I wanted to know, how close they are, but they are not dupes. Wake Up has more red undertone than GTF. They both apply nicely, but for me is a winner Wake Up. It's more opaque and I prefer the color.


Deborah Milani Pret A Porter Stardust, 2 coats
S-he 275 (new range), 3 coats

These two looked very close in bottles, so I compared them, but as you can see, they look very different on the nails. S-he is brighter than Stardust, probably, because it has more silver glitter. They both apply nicely. Stardust is more opaque, because it needed only two coats, while S-he needed 3 coats. My winner between these two is Stardust. S-he polishes from new range chip so fast, even faster than the old ones. I don't know, did they change formula or something?