Stash Comparison 1: Indigo

I went through my stash and I saw, I have quite a few similar shades, so I did some comparisons. I'll public them in few posts, named Stash Comparison. 

Today I have for you indigo comparison. Barry M Indigo was long time on my WL, but when I finally got it, I noticed. that I already have similar shade - Rimmel Blue My Mind.

I compared them on my nails and I can conclude, that these are 100 % dupes. They're both easy to apply and are opaque in two coats. Both have great formula and cream finish. The bottle of Barry M is bigger, it contains 10 ml of polish, meanwhile Rimmel contains only 8 ml. 
If you own Rimmel polish, you know that it has big and rounded brush. I kinda like it, because I can easily apply polish on my nails. Barry M has regular brush, I don't know, how to describe it otherwise.

Rimmel polishes aren't available in Slovenia. Barry M is available online - slovenian costumer can buy it on website Lič or on their own site.

This is gorgeous shade and I recommend you to get one of these.

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