Simple Yellow and Orange Make Up and Yesterday's NOTD

How are you, my dear readers? I'm quite ok. I was very bussy these two days, so I'm very tired, but now I have again some time for my blog.

Here is a closer look to easy make up, that I already shown you in this post.

I didn't complicate. I did this look with Sleek i-Divine Curacao palette. I used Screwdriver over the lid and Tequila Sunrise in crease. Then I used Essence Clack Mania carbon black eyeliner pen and Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara and the look was done.

I wanted to show you one photo of my face. Or half of my face. After all I'm holding a hand before it. I'm wearing Essence Nude Lips lipliner and Essence Pure Chic lipgloss on my lips. I love this combination.

And in the end my yesterdays NOTD. I wore Catrice Lost In Mud and Perfect Graffiti 9G. The photo is bad, because I took it, when I was walking on faculty to write my exam. I posed with new Essence bracelet from Natventurista collection. It's gorgeous. It has a little owl pendant.

3 komentarji

  1. Hmm... is that a dark brown or dark grey? I suppose it's brown, since it's called "Mud". I've been looking for a grey-brown nail polish for a long time, but this still seems a little bit too dark for what I want.

    And that owl is soooo sweet! I think it's too small, but I would use it on a necklace. I really have to check out the Essence counter. :D

  2. This is a dark brown. I think, they also have/had brighter one, but I don't remember the name.

    I agree, that owl it's a bit too small for neclase, but it would probably look great anyway.

  3. Nicely done up eyes and even better done nails...the stripes look so cool.The orange tinge over the eyelid is making the eyes look very gorgeousorganic lipstick