Review: Manhattan M&Buffalo Beige Ballerina

Ballerina Backstage was a part of Manhattan&Buffalo limited edition collection. At that time it wasn't available by us, but now they have it in Müller's in their regular line.

In this little palette are four eyeshadows, two darker and two brighter. They are matt, except the brightest one, which have some shimmer in it. They named palette Beige Ballerina, but these colors are brown, not beige. I like the packaging - the eyeshadows are in cardboard, which has a magnet for closing palette. It also has one small applicator, but I haven't use it.

For these swatches I didn't use any eyeshadow base. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is not bad on their own, but it's great over base. Matt eyeshadows are usually hard to blend, but these won't make you any problems with that, because they blend very easily. I wore them on my lids a whole day and they didn't crease. The brighter one is perfect as a highliter.

And here is one look, I made using all four colors. These colors are perfect for a natural look, so you can use it every day. For the base I used Artdeco eyeshadow base, gel eyeliner is Essence Sun Club All Night Brown and mascara MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look.

I know, this photo isn't the best, but it shows good the difference between used colors.

These eyeshadows are small. It's not written on the package, how big they are, but I would say around 5 g all together. The price is 5 € in Müller. Overall, this is great palette and I think you won't regret, if you buy it. 

Did you get anything from Manhattan&Buffalo collection? What do you think about it?

6 komentarjev

  1. Kako lepa paleta i lepe boje za svaki dan ! :D
    Imaš prelepo oko za šminkanje :)

  2. lijepa paletica s bojama koje možeš koristiti svaki dan :-D
    bolje da je mala, prije se potroši pa si možeš kupit novu ;-)
    i sviđa mi se što si napravila od nje :-D

  3. Odlično paleta izgleda, baš boje koje ja volim. Make up ti je divaaaaan, tako lijepo oko imaš. :)

  4. @littleBird: Hvala. Paleta pa je res primerna za vsakodnevno uporabo.

    @Nail Crazy: Hvala. Glede majhnosti se pa strinjam s tabo - mala paleta se prej porabi in če ti je všeč, kupiš novo, dokler le ni omejena izdaja.

    @Lalica: Hvala. :)

  5. Lovely shades and I really like the packaging!

  6. @NatalieDouka: Yes, these shades are perfect for every day. I love the packaging too.