Review: Manhattan and Buffalo Green Stiletto

Today I have for you a second palette from Manhattan&Bufallo collection. This one is called Green Stiletto.

The concept is the same as by Beige Ballerina - two darker and two brighter green shades, all matt, except the brighter one, which has some shimmer in it. Both darker shades are more greyish green. The pigmentation od these eyeshadows isn't the same, some are more pigmented and some less. The green one (second in a row from right) has the best pigmentation in the palette, meanwhile has the lightest greyish green (third in a row from right) bad pigmentation. In there wouldn't be any grey in it, it would look the same as the brightest on ein palette.

For the swarches I didn't use any eyeshadow base. 

And here is a make up look, I did with this palette. I did it over Artdeco eyeshadow base. The gel liner is Mather Earth Is Watching You from  Essence Natventurista collection. Under my eyes I used Essence 2in1 kaja pencil in Mix&Match. Mascara is as always MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look.

You can read my review of Beige Ballerina palette here.

There are four palettes in this collection. They are available in Müller. One costs 5 €.

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