Review: Balea Aqua Product

Balea Aqua Feuchtugkeits Serum

I've bought this product after I've read good reviews about it and now it's my must have product for the skin. It mousturizes my skin and gaves it refresing feeling. With only one pressure I get enough product for whole skin. I use it in the morning, after I wash my face and in the evening, before I go to bed. Because my skin is dry, I also have to use a cream in the winter, because the serum too light to be used alone. The packaging contains 30 ml of product. I don't remember the exact price, but I think, it's around 3 €.

 Balea Aqua Augen Roll-one

I needed one cream for my eyes, so I decided to try this one, because I was very satisfied with aqua serum. The product it's in tube, it's white and very light. It has a small ball for applying a cream. I use it to apply a cream  under my eyes and then I use circlee motions to spread it out. I love to use it in the morning, because it gaves me a refresing feeling, so I'm more awake. If I use to much product, my eyes start smarting, but now I already learned, how much product I have to use and I don't have these problems anymore. In the tube is 15 ml of product and I think, that this one is also around 3 €.

Did you try any product from Balea Aqua line? What product do you use for your skin?

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  1. I have tried both products, and plus the cream.
    The cream I used before I find out the serum, but now it is standing in my bathroom, maybe I will use it in winter. The serum I used all, I now use Eveline pure control. But I think I will buy again the Balea aqua serum, I really like it. The Balea aqua eye cream I really don't know how I feel about it, I had before the Balea urea eye cream and I think I like it better.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I've tried only these two product, because I wasn't sure about the cream. I use Dove cream, which I love, so I didn't want to bought another cream and then not use it. I haven't tried Balea urea eye cream before, but maybe I will, after I used this one and then I'll se, which one I prefer.

  3. I have a different Balea cream because I have mixed to oily skin so I have to choose products accordingly. The area under my eyes is a different story, it's a lot drier and I noticed wrinkles (at 16! What will I look like when I'm 35?) so I do my best to keep it hydrated. I therefore bought the roll-on and so far I'm satisfied with it, I don't really know if it hydrates well but it definitely helps soothe my puffy eyes in the morning and evening. I've heard people say that it irritated their eyes but I haven't had any problems with it.