Essence Urban Messages TE Part 2

Today I have for you a second part of Essence Urban Messages TE review.

I bought all eyeshadows chalk, two eyeliner pens and two lipstick (I didn't took grey, because it's just not my kind of thing - I don't imagine to wear grey on my lips and the liner was to bright for me). Eyeshadow chalk are pretty small, they contain 3 g of product and costs 2,25 €. The lipstick contains 1,6 g of product and costs 1,95 €. Eyeliner pens contain 1 g of product and costs 2,25 €.

Eyeshadow chalks came in four colors. I took all of them.
Skyscraper - dark grey shimmery eyeshadow.
It Peace - peachy shimmery eyeshadow.
Nightline - matt dark blue eyeshadow.
Street Styler - greenish blue shimmery eyeshadow.

I'm satisfied with them. They are good pigmented, apply nice and don't crease. I made make up look with Skycraper and It Peace and it turn out well. You can use brush to apply them, but they gave more color, if you just pull the chalk over your lid.

I took eyeliner pens in two color: Nightline (dark blue) and Street Styler (vivid green). They are good, because they are very easy to use and you can apply nice thin or thick line. The main thing, I hate by those pens is that they stain the skin and that's way I'll probably use them rarely or even won't use them anymore. I used only Nightline and it looked almost black after application, but I still haven't tried out Street Styler, so I don't know, how this color will look on me.

Lipsticks don't have written names on packaging, so I had to look for them on the internet. It Peace is a coral and Let's Paint The City is a red lipstick. They are very sheer, but they give color to the lips anyway. They smell nice, are glossy, they moisturize lips, but don't last long. On my lips they both faded in like one hour without eathing or drinking. They're more like lipgloss for me and because I wear lipglosses more than lipstick, I'll use them quite a lot.

Essence Urban Messages TE lipstick swatch - indoors.
Essence Urban Messages TE lipstick swatch - sun.

What do you think about these product? Did you get anything from this collection?

7 komentarjev

  1. meni se sviđaju tamnije 'krede' i eyeliner ;-D

  2. Te "krede" za oči mi izgledajo zanimivo... Samo kako to naneseš na veke - s prsti ali kar s tem?

  3. The Skyscraper chalk looks like a very nice colours indeed, I might want to get it if the TE arrives to Italy!

  4. @Irena: Jaz ga še nisem preizkusila, tako da ne morem reči, koliko mi je všeč.

    @nail crazy: No, upam, da jih boš preizkusila in povedala še svoje mnenje o njih.

    @Biba: Meni so krede super. V bistvu sem jih nanašala tako, da se kredo potegnila po veki in s čopičem, čeprav tako dobiš manj barve na veki, s prsti pa še nisem preizkusila.

    @Simona: Yes, it's nice color, but my favourite is It Peace.

  5. Meni se svidjaju te kremaste senke !!

  6. Nisem še preizkusila vseh senčil, ampak prvi vtis je dober.