Review: Essence Nail Cuticle Remower Gel

Today I'll review nail cuticle remover gel from Essence. The gel is in a tube and it's very easy to work with. You just press the tube and the gel comes aut. During summer can be one problem, because the gel becames very liquid and you can press to much product out. Then you just use the excess on other nails. 
The color is a dirty yellow and the smell is pleasant. There is a 15 ml (0,5 fl) of product in a tube and it lasts very long. I spend minimal product on all 10 cuticles. It moisturizes my skin perfectly. The price is also very friendly, it costs less than 2 €.

They say, you should wash your hand after usage. I assume that this is because of the indigrediens, but I didn't find any list of indigredians on the tube, so I can't tell you, which one they are. And I think the name of the gel isn't very suitable. You use it for moisturizing and pressing back the cuticle, not for removing it.

I have very dry cuticles, so I needed a product like this. I use it, before I paint my nails. First I apply one drop of gel on each finger and then I use finger to spread it all over the cuticle. I wait till the gel absorb and then use a wood stick to press the cuticle back.

I'm satisfied with this product and I do recommend you to buy it, if your cuticles are dry.

4 komentarji

  1. This is a new product, right? Cause I haven't seen it on stores yet.

  2. ovo će i kod mene doći na red za isprobati ;-)
    možda si trebala fotkati ruke prije upotrebe ovog gela, čisto da vidimo razliku :-)

  3. @Natalie: I thinh, they started to sell it in spring, at least by us.

    @NC: Sem upala, da bo iz teh dveh fotografij razlika dokaj očitna (če klikneš na njiju).

  4. i couldnt find this product where i live