My Catherine Arley Nail Polishes

Today I will show you Catherine Arley polishes, that I bought in Bulgaria. They have quite a lot of different shades, but they were mostly pink and red, but I'm not very into these colors lately. I was looking for holographic polishes, but I found only one and because it was pink, I didn't took it (I'm not a pink lover, as you probably already know).

First one is Catherine Arley 916, a beuatiful orange jelly polish. The application was good and it needed three coats, so that the nail lines weren't visible anymore. I like this one very much and I think, it's perfect summery shade.

Next one is Catherine Arley Silky Touch 08, a bright blue cream polish. About the number I'm not sure, because it's written different as by other two polishes. If you know the number of this polish, please let me know. Otherwise this polish is also great, the application is good and it's opaque in two coats.

The last one is Catherine Arley 263, a bright green polish with frost finish. I hate this polish. When I bought it, I knew, that it has frosty finish, but I expected good application, so I took it anyway, but now I regret. The formula is very thick and polish is very hard to apply. And I hate that after application the lines are very visible. So I applied a top coat over it. You can also see, that I had problems with bubbles. That is because of the two thich coats, but thin coats were not posible. Nice color, but horibble polish. 

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  1. Zelo lepi so. Še posebej mi je všeč moder.

  2. Svidja mi se prvi najvise, jako lepo ide uz potamnelu kozu

  3. @Mateja: Hvala. Meni je moder tudi všeč.

    @hermetic: Se strinjam. Ena mojih ljubših poletnih barv.