MNY Maybelline Eyeshadows 404A, 178A and 533

Today I have for you swatches of three MNY mono eyeshadows, that I bought in Austria. The first impression was good, so I'll definitely buy some more next time, when I'll visit austrian DM.

404A - bright blue with silver shimmer, very good pigmented. I bought this one for 1 €, so it was LE or it's out of sale.
178A - teal/green with silver shimmer, also very good pigmented.
533 - matte purple eyeshadow, which is not very pigmented.

I tried only 178A on the lid and it applys and blends very well. I'm still thinking, what kind of MU to do with purple eyeshadow. Maybe I'll combine it with 404A.

One eyeshadow costs 1,95 €, so I think, this is a good purchase.

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