Farmasi Nail Polishes 85 and 89

Today I'll show you two Farmasi polishes, that I've bought in Bulgaria. Farmasi is a turkish brand and more about it you can find on their website.

I was really into a yellow this summer, so I had to buy a jellow nail polish in Bulgaria. This one is number 89. Yes, another polish without name. Actually, all the polishes that I pick up in Bulgaria, have numbers, not names. I expected hard application, so I was suprised, because it applied very well. This one is opaque in two coats, which this is pretty great for a jellow polish.

Farmasi 85 is a dark blue shade with very vibrant blue shimmer. It looks perfect in the sun. It was opaque in two coats. I think this is great shade for fall and winter.

Do you have any Farmasi nail polish or other cosmetics? What do you think about this brand?