Essence Lipliners

Until now you all probably know that I love Essence. I have so many cosmetics from them. They are cheap and they have some very good quality products. My favourite products from them are lipglosses and nail polishes. 

Good quality products are also their lipliners. I have two -  Nude Coral and  Cute Pink. I'm very satisfied with them. The texture is creamy and they apply nice and even. They are very good pigmented and cheap - one lipliner costs 1,29 €.  These two colors are perfect for me, because I can mix them with different MU looks.

09 Nude Coral

07 Cute Pink

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  1. I really like the Nude one! I also have one of these, a plum colour and I love it! What do you use under or over it that you have so moisturized lips? Mine are quite dry when using this pencils.

  2. Your lips are so pretty! :)
    I like essence lipliners too, theyr'e great for the price, very creamy and easy to apply.

  3. odlicni su, ja imam dva, nude coral i soft rose, i stvarno su za tu cenu i vise nego dobri...

  4. @Simona: I'm using lipbalm first. After that I apply lipliner. Over it I don't use anything.

    @Corina: Thank you. I agree with you about lipliners.

    @hermetic: Res je, super so.

    @Biba: Potem pa kar ponj. :)

  5. sviđaju mi se obje bojice... iako ja najradije imam samo lipbalm ili sjajilo na usnama ;-)

  6. Saj jaz tudi. Liplinerje in šminke uporabljam samo za posebne priložnosti.

  7. Can you recomment a lipstick close enough to Essence 07 Cute Pink Lipliner?

    1. Hi, Glenda. I checked and I actually have nothing similar to this pencil in my stash. Everything is either too pink or too purple. The closest lipstick was Essence Wear Berries, which looks more purple than this Essence lipliner. Sorry, I couldn't help you more.