Some Crackle Manicures

Here are some manicure with crackle nail polishes, that I wore in August.

Essence You're a Heartbreaker (2 coats) + Perfect Graffiti 9G

Manhattan Urban Jungle (2 coats) + Depend Nr. 5011

MNY 447 (2 coats) + Perfect Graffiti 7G

Later I added another crackle polish to upper manicure.

MNY 447 (2 coats) + Perfect Graffiti 7G + Depend Nr. 5007

My favourite is the green manicure. Do you often wear crackle polishes?


I did some face and nails posing again. This time the main color is yellow.

I wish the summer will never go away. We have around 25 °C during the day, which is perfect, because it's not too hot. I don't like fall, specially if it rains.

Make up will get his own post (although is simple). The manicure I already published here (yes, I often wear same manicures/nail art, if I like them).

Sillver and Grey Make Up

Here is one of my old make up's. This was actually the first time, that I tried to create a grey look. I usually wear brown look or also green, purple and blue, but I never before wore a grey look. I don't know, why. Maybe I just didn't have right eyeshadows. In the end I added some silver, because there was something missing to grey.

Product, I used:
* Essence You Rock eyeshadow base
* Beauty UK eyeshadow palette (bright grey over whole lid and in lower lashline, dark grey in crease and outer v, white as highliter)
* Essence Metallics quatro eyeshadow (silver over bright grey)
* Essence kajal pencil 01 Black
* Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look maskara

And here is one bonus photo. My nail polish collection, which is getting bigger and bigger.

Golden Rose 84

Today short, but sweet. This is Golden Rose 84, jelly orange shade, opaque in three coats. Orange was totally my color this summer.

MNY Maybelline Eyeshadows 404A, 178A and 533

Today I have for you swatches of three MNY mono eyeshadows, that I bought in Austria. The first impression was good, so I'll definitely buy some more next time, when I'll visit austrian DM.

404A - bright blue with silver shimmer, very good pigmented. I bought this one for 1 €, so it was LE or it's out of sale.
178A - teal/green with silver shimmer, also very good pigmented.
533 - matte purple eyeshadow, which is not very pigmented.

I tried only 178A on the lid and it applys and blends very well. I'm still thinking, what kind of MU to do with purple eyeshadow. Maybe I'll combine it with 404A.

One eyeshadow costs 1,95 €, so I think, this is a good purchase.

JulieG Nail Polish Collection - Swap?

One of my favourite youtube beauty guru's JulieG released her own nail polish collection with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. Here is the video, where she showes the swatches of all polishes.


I would really like to have these polishes, so is any of you girls, who have access to them, prepared to do a swap with me? I can get you Essence, Catrice, Depend, She nail polishes. 

If any of you is prepared to get me JulieG polishes, send me email on I would really appreciate it.

P.S.: I don't have PayPal account, that's way I'm asking for a swap.

Review: Vollare Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Quatro 29

Today I have for you a review of Vollare Cosmetics Quatro 29 eyeshadow palette.

It has one white and three blue eyeshadows. The eyeshadows in upper row are shimmery and in lower row are matt.

They do apply good and blend well, but I hate that after blending the lightest blue fades and it's almost not visible. The other two blues look almost the same after blending, so it looks like I used only one eyeshadow. Yes, the pigmentation could be much better. I'm only satisfied with pigmentation of white eyeshadow, which is very good. There wasn't a lot of fall out and these eyeshadows don't crease, which is a good thing. You can see hte look, I created with this palette, here.

It costs 2,14 € (Tuš drugstore), so the price is good, but I wish the blue eyeshadows would be more pigmented.

Do you have any Vollare Cosmetics eyeshadows? What do you think about them?

Glitter and Stripes

This is what I do during my studying time - I paint my nails and do nail art. It just relax me.

For this manicure I used MNY 447, Flormar 395 and Vollare Nail Artistic 117. I know it's not my best manicure, but I kinda like it.

I tryed it with glossy TC and them matt TC. I like matt version better.

How are you fighting with the heat of these days? It's too hot, but I still prefer summer against winter.

Blue From Yesterday's Post - Bourjois 10 Days 18

A lot of you were asking, which nail polish I wore in yesterday's post. So here it is - Bourjois 10 Days 18. It's beautiful shimmery blue, which applys very nicely and it's opaque in 2 coats. Does it last 10 days? Not on my nails. They are disaster. No mather, which nail polish I'm wearing, it chips on the second day of wear. That's way I change manicure every second day. Both photos were made in the sun.


Yesterday I reached 300 followers. Thank you all for following my blog and especially thanks to all, who are commenting on my blog. I still haven't decided, if I'll do a regular giveaway or a nail art contest. I'll see.

On Saturday I was testing blue Vollare palette, which is still waiting for a review, and because I wore blue nail polish, I played with camera and this is the photo, I came up with. The pose was inspired by Nihrida.

P. S.: Please, ignore my eyebrows, I know, they look horrible.

Review: Beauty UK Earth Child Palette

I think I found my new favourite eyeshadow palette. I love my Beauty UK Earth Child palette. The color combination is great, you can do a lot of different looks with it.

The palette has 10 earth themed eyeshadows. It also has black and white, which is great, because these two colors can be very useful. I love the white because of its great pigmentation. Some eyeshadows could be a bit more pigmented, but overall this palette is great. I also love it, because there isn't a lot of fall out as there is by Sleek Storm i-Divine palette. I totally recommend you to buy this one.

Here are the swatches. You can find the look, I made with this palette, here.


You can buy this palette on website Lič (Slovenian costumers) or on Beauty Uk website.

Depend 242

Yes, Depend polishes are finally available in Slovenia. You can imagine, how happy I was, when I came home from Bulgaria and read on slovenian forum, that DM will be selling Depend polishes. For the first time I've choosen one regular polish and two crackles. The bottles are square and contain 5 ml of polish. The regular polishes are 1,70 € and crackle 2,10 €, so they are not expensive. I will definitely buy more, when I'll go next time in DM. If they won't be sell out, because Slovenian girls grabbed them very quick. If you don't know, what color to pick, read Ulmiel's post. I first heared for Depend polishes on her blog.

My Depend polish is called 242 and it's orange with silver shimmer. The shimmer looks super great in the sun, as you can see on the lower photo. I didn't have any problems with application. This one needed two coats to be opaque.

So, my dear Slovenian girls. Did you get any Depend polish? What do you think about them? Do you have any special shade on your WL?

Astor 70

I think I found my new favourite blue cream polish. This is Astor 70 (I hate those numbers), that I bought in DM in Austria. Austrian DM's have so much more interesting nail polish brands. Although our DM's became better, because now they're selling Depend polishes, which is great.
Back to Astor. This is small bottle, it contains 6 ml of polish and it costs 3 €, which is good price for a great polish. The application was great and the polish was opaque in two coats. I'm in love. I think I'm going to need a back up bottle- What do you think about it, girls?

Farmasi Nail Polishes 85 and 89

Today I'll show you two Farmasi polishes, that I've bought in Bulgaria. Farmasi is a turkish brand and more about it you can find on their website.

I was really into a yellow this summer, so I had to buy a jellow nail polish in Bulgaria. This one is number 89. Yes, another polish without name. Actually, all the polishes that I pick up in Bulgaria, have numbers, not names. I expected hard application, so I was suprised, because it applied very well. This one is opaque in two coats, which this is pretty great for a jellow polish.

Farmasi 85 is a dark blue shade with very vibrant blue shimmer. It looks perfect in the sun. It was opaque in two coats. I think this is great shade for fall and winter.

Do you have any Farmasi nail polish or other cosmetics? What do you think about this brand?

MNY 665

MNY 655 is a gorgeous dark blue shimmery shade with good application and opacity. I think this is a perfect shade for fall and winter. I adore this kind of color, I have quite a few dark blue shimmery polishes. This is the polish, that looks black indoors and in the shade, but that doesn't bother me. The shimmer looks flawless in the sun. I applied two coats.

EOTD: Olive Green

Here is my yesterdays EOTD.


 I used:
* Artdeco eyeshadow base
* Beauty Uk Earth Child Palette
* Essence Love Me Tender eye pencil
* Essence You're a Heartbreaker eye pencil
* Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look

Review: Essence 50's Girls Reloaded

I manage to get all three eye pencils and a grey nail polish from new Essence limited edition collection 50's Girls Reloaded.

I took all three eye pencils, because I didn't have any in these colors before. The first impression is quite good. They are not very soft, but they are good pigmented and easy to work with. I used Love Me Tender as a base for my make up and it turned out very well. They are not very suitable for waterline, but they will be great as a liners, at least for me.

You're a heartbreaker is a dark grey matt pencil.
Love Me Tender is a olive green pencil with golden shimmer.
I'm a Marine Girl is a dark blue matt pencil.

You're a Heartbreaker is a grey shimmery shade. I don't like grey polishes, but I had to admit that I love this one. Because it's shimmery and a bit darker grey. It looks beautiful on the nails. The application is great and it's opaque in two coats.

Did you get anything from this collection?

Another Haul

Yes, I came home from Bulgaria and I bought some more nail polishes. I can't help myself, I'm a nail polish addict. I went to Austria in DM and bought some MNY eyeshadows and polishes. I also took two Astor polishes and I found some things from latest Essence limited edition Colection 50's Girls Reloaded. DM is in Austria so more interesting as by us.

My friend was very enthusiastic with my Sleek Storm i-Divine palette, so I ordered one for her from site Lič (I didn't took a photo of her palette) and alongside I ordered Beauty Uk Earth Child palette, which was on my WL for some time now. As a gift I received Sleek eyeshadow in 972 Candy. Swatches of the palette and eyeshadow will be published soon.

My Catherine Arley Nail Polishes

Today I will show you Catherine Arley polishes, that I bought in Bulgaria. They have quite a lot of different shades, but they were mostly pink and red, but I'm not very into these colors lately. I was looking for holographic polishes, but I found only one and because it was pink, I didn't took it (I'm not a pink lover, as you probably already know).

First one is Catherine Arley 916, a beuatiful orange jelly polish. The application was good and it needed three coats, so that the nail lines weren't visible anymore. I like this one very much and I think, it's perfect summery shade.

Next one is Catherine Arley Silky Touch 08, a bright blue cream polish. About the number I'm not sure, because it's written different as by other two polishes. If you know the number of this polish, please let me know. Otherwise this polish is also great, the application is good and it's opaque in two coats.

The last one is Catherine Arley 263, a bright green polish with frost finish. I hate this polish. When I bought it, I knew, that it has frosty finish, but I expected good application, so I took it anyway, but now I regret. The formula is very thick and polish is very hard to apply. And I hate that after application the lines are very visible. So I applied a top coat over it. You can also see, that I had problems with bubbles. That is because of the two thich coats, but thin coats were not posible. Nice color, but horibble polish. 

Ilona Lux Nail Polish 10

Today I have for you first polish from my Bulgarian haul. This is Ilona Lux Nail Polish 10. I noticed, that all polishes, that I bought in Bulgaria, have numbers. Not even one has a name. :(
I think Ilona Lux is a bulgarian brand, but I'm not sure, because I haven't found a lot of information about this brand on the internet. The number 10 is a red pinkish shimmery polish, that is opaque in two coats. The application was great, better than I expected. The only bad thing is, that it drys very slow. But othewise this is a nice polish. I actually gave it to my mother, because she was very enthusiactic with my haul and that was the only color, that she liked.

Bulgarian Haul

So, when I was in Bulgaria, I couldn't resist to nail polishes, because this brands aren't available by us. I would probably buy more, but I didn't want to spend all my money for nail polishes.

Here is the group photo:

Ilona lux 10, Ilona lux 38, Catherine Arley 08, Catherine Arley 263, Catherine Arley 916.
Perfect Graffiti 9G, Perfect Graffiti 7G, Golden Rose 171, Golden Rose 165, Golden Rose 154, Golden Rose 49, Golden Rose 55.
Umbrella Nail Polish U-108, Flormar Neon Colors 002, Farmasi 89, Farmasi 85, Very Vernis 42, Golden Rose 84, Golden Rose 136.