Review: S-he Stylezone Mono Eyeshadow 035 (dark blue)

S-he 035 is a dark shimmery blue eyeshadow and it's very pigmented. It's easy to aplly and easy to blend. I bought it, after I saw a swatch of it on Mateja's blog (the post is here). I have to admit, that I love it. It doesn't say, how much product does the jar contains, but it's not a lot. S-he doesn't have a lot of different colors, but if all are good as this one, then they are worth buying. I highly recommend you to buy the blue one. One eyeshadow costs 1,95 €.

Here is one simple MU, made with this eyeshadow (I applied it over black jumbo pencil).

Did you try any of new S-he eyeshadows? What do you think about them?