Review: Essence Eyeshadow Mystic Lemon

I bought this eyeshadow, because I read great reviews about it. I'm very satisfied with it. The color is pale yellow with golden shimmer (no, it's not holografic). I use it as a highliter for most of the time, but it's also pefect for bright make up, because it's very good pigmented. This eyeshadow is perfect for blending and it doesn't dust, when I apply it on my lid.

I didn't have very good experience with Essence mono eyeshadows before, because they didn't have good pigmentation, but Mystic Lemon was a great purchase. For the price 1,89 € you get 2,5 g of product. I think, this is a great eyeshadow and I recommend you to buy it.

4 komentarji

  1. In tudi je dobro senčilo. :)

  2. uh meni je pa presvetlo:) mogoče za blendanje:P hmm..drgač pa luštn:)

  3. Saj jaz ga večinoma uporabljam kor osvetljevalec. Sicer pa preko podlage izgleda bolj pigmentiran.