Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Sombrero Tan

This polish was such a disappointment. I liked the color, so I was hoping I could were it a lot, but the first application convinced me on the contrary. The application of this polish was PITA, even bigger than by Yellow Fiz. It was so hard to apply a nice and even coat. After three coats the polish still looked horible on my nails, so I applied very thick four coat. That also means that the drying time was long. And there were a lot of bubbles. I wanted to correct this with TC, but it didn't helped. The bubbles were still here. After the polish dried, it looked darker that in the bottle.

Because this polish was my manicure, I applied a Barry M crackle polish, so that the mistakes weren't that visible. But this crackle polish became very thick and hard to apply. I'm thinking about using a thicker, but I'm not sure, if it will still crackle after that. What do you think?