Sea Gradient

After a long time I have a tutorial for you. This time is a gradient with some lousy konad. 
First, you will need three different nail polish colors, sponge and a tape. I used white, bright blue and dark blue polishes. I decided for blue, because I'm at the sea at the moment you are reading this post and I thought something connected with this theme would be great for this post.

Step 1: Apply two coats of your first nail polish. I was using white from H&M. Wait till polish drys.

Step 2: Protect your cuticles with a tape. There would be some mess and you can avoid it with this step. And in the end you won't have a lot to clean up (or anything at all).

Step 3: Sponge the bright blue polish on two thirds of each nail. I was using Essence Fall For Me.

Step 4: Sponge the dark blue polish on the lower third of each nail. I was using Bourjois 10 Days 18.

Step 5: Remove the tape and clean up your cuticles, if they need clean up. If you are satisfied with only gradient, you can apply a top coat over it and your manicure is done. But if you want more, you can add some konad, like I did.

Step 6: I've choosen dolphins, because they are sea creatures. You can choose some other design and stamp it on your nails. 

Step 7: In the end aplly a top coat on you manicure and you are done. But make sure, you wait a little, so you don't mess a konad like it did.

Rainbow Make Up

I played with Curacao i-Divine palette and created a rainbow look. These photos are not the best, but I wanted to show them to you anyway, because I felt in love with this look.

I also mark, which eyeshadows did I use. Beside that I used  Sun Club Eyeshadow Long Island Breeze (white over whole lid), Essence Kajal Pencil Black and Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look mascara.

And some more photos for the end.

Review: Sleek Chaos i-Divine Palette

"The Chaos i-Divine palette comprises of 12 intense and high impact shades with a matte finish for the daring and trend focused individual. Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look."

Sleek Chaos i-Divine is a palette with 12 matte eyeshadows. The colors are very different, from browns, greens, blues to pinks and others. Some eyeshadows are very good pigmented and some are less. The least pigmented is the yellow. The first impression of this palette was quite good, but then, when I was thinking, what looks could I do with it, I liked it less. With other two palettes I could do more different looks, if I would use them alone, I think. But that is my personal opinion.
All three palettes have a black matt eyeshadow, but in this palette it is the most pigmented. I love it. But my favorites from this palette are greens and blues.

I made two looks with this palette. First I didn't know, what look to do, because I did a brown look with Storm i-Divine palette and I didn't want to repeat it, so I did a look with blue and pink. I think, this is horible and I removed it right after I took some photos.

And then I decided to do brown look anyway. I used both brown and a black eyeshadow. I like this look better.

I used eyeshadow base with both MU looks. I wore the second one a whole day and eyeshadows stayed on my lid withouth fading and they didn't crease. But it's true that they don't blend as perfect as shimmery eyeshadows do. 

This palettes are available on the following sites: Sleek Make Up, Lič, Zapikonai and Moja drogerija (last three for slovenian costumers).

Review: Sleek Curacao i-Divine Palette

"Embrace the exotic colours of paradise with the 12 shades of the Curacao i-Divine. From deep sea blue’s to zesty oranges and vivid coral’s, create endless striking looks using contrasting shades or make an entrance with an effortless sweep of colour.  For the ultimate exotic look, team with Aruba blush and Bonaire Pout Polish."

Sleek Curacao i-Divine is a part of Caribbean collection. This is my second favourite from those, I have. It's perfect for summery looks, because the colors are bright. It has 6 shimmery and 6 matt eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are very good pigmented, though the pigmentation of shimmery eyeshadows is much better. They last long, don't crease and are good for blending. Only purple is a bit hard to blend and the red one looks more orange after blending.

And guess what. The eyeshadows have a name. I love that. It's the only palette of all three with named eyeshadows. Great.

And here are the swatches. Eyeshadows follows in order, as they are in teh palette.

And here is one green look, I made with this palette. I also used two blue eyeshadows, but the blue isn't that noticeable, because it blended perfectly together with green. I applied eyeshadows over base.

This palettes are available on the following sites: Sleek Make Up, Lič, Zapikonai and Moja drogerija (last three for slovenian costumers).

Review: Sleek Storm i-Divine

"The Storm i-Divine palette comprises of 12 strong and rich shades perfect for accentuating the eyes and creating natural looks. The velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage to the eye lid for maximum effect. Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look." 

I've read so many good thing about Sleek palettes, so I ordered two on slovenian site Moja drogerija and I reveived one as a gift. Today I'll review Storm i-Divine palette. 
This one is my favourite from all three, because it has a lot of neutral colors, which I use mostly. It has 12 eyeshadows. 9 of them are shimmery and 3 are matt. Shimmery eyeshadows are very good pigmented. The pigmentation of matt is also not so bad, but they are not as pigmented as shimmery. They all apply very well and are easy to blend. They last a whole day on my lids and they don't crease. But there is one thing, that bothers me. They fall out crazy, specially shimmery eyeshadows. I read a lot of review, but it looks like I'm the only one with this problem.
The packaging is great. The palette has a big mirrow, which I don't use that much. With palette comes a sponge applicator, which I also don't use, because I apply eyeshadows with brushes.
For me this is a great palette. Some people probably don't like it that much, because it has a lot of shimmery eyeshadows and very little matt, but I use mostly shimmery eyeshadows, so this is a hit for me.
Sleek Storm i-Divine swatches - upper row.
Sleek Storm i-Divine swatches - lower row.

And here is one brown make up I did with Storm palette. I don't remember exactly, which eyeshadows did I use. I wore this look a whole day in it was still perfect, when I was removing it. I applied eyeshadows over Artdeco make up base.

This palettes are available on the following sites: Sleek Make Up, Lič, Zapikonai and Moja drogerija (last three for slovenian costumers).

Random post

Today I won't publish any nail photo or review, I just wanna let you know, that tomorrow I'm going on vacation in Bulgaria for one week, but I prepared some posts for everday, so you will read some reviews, see some make up and nail art and I also prepared one tutorial. I hope you will enyoj in posts I prepared. I will answer to all your comments, when I come home.

Enjoy your week and if you're going on vacation, have a great time.

Essence All About Cupcake

Essence has a lot of lip products. Their lipsticks are more like colored lipbalms and not a real lipsticks. All About Cupcake is a dark pink lipstick without shimmer and with a pleasant smell. It's not very pigmented and longlasting, but it does moisturizes my lips. 

And here is All About Cupcake on my lips. This lipstick is about two shades darker than my lips, so I like to use it, because it gaves a bit color to them.

Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Sombrero Tan

This polish was such a disappointment. I liked the color, so I was hoping I could were it a lot, but the first application convinced me on the contrary. The application of this polish was PITA, even bigger than by Yellow Fiz. It was so hard to apply a nice and even coat. After three coats the polish still looked horible on my nails, so I applied very thick four coat. That also means that the drying time was long. And there were a lot of bubbles. I wanted to correct this with TC, but it didn't helped. The bubbles were still here. After the polish dried, it looked darker that in the bottle.

Because this polish was my manicure, I applied a Barry M crackle polish, so that the mistakes weren't that visible. But this crackle polish became very thick and hard to apply. I'm thinking about using a thicker, but I'm not sure, if it will still crackle after that. What do you think?

Essence Chuck

Today I'm presenting you a Chuck. This is a polish from Essence Nail Art Twin collection, but I don't have his twin. Actually this polish isn't blue, it's a blurple (blue and purple, I can't say, which color is dominating). It's very pigmented and opaque in one coat, but I applied two for this swatch. I don't know, why my camera didn't want to catch a purple. It looks like she likes blue more. This is a polish you want to have in you collection.

Review: Essence Eyeshadow Mystic Lemon

I bought this eyeshadow, because I read great reviews about it. I'm very satisfied with it. The color is pale yellow with golden shimmer (no, it's not holografic). I use it as a highliter for most of the time, but it's also pefect for bright make up, because it's very good pigmented. This eyeshadow is perfect for blending and it doesn't dust, when I apply it on my lid.

I didn't have very good experience with Essence mono eyeshadows before, because they didn't have good pigmentation, but Mystic Lemon was a great purchase. For the price 1,89 € you get 2,5 g of product. I think, this is a great eyeshadow and I recommend you to buy it.


Today I went for a walk with my mum and our dog. I wanted to photograph a rainbow, but first a battery in camera died and then I had to go home and fill it up. When I came back, the rainbow wasn't very visible anymore, so I took some poor photos of it.

I also take a photo of my rainbow make up. I'll write more about it in on of my upcoming posts.

And here is our dog Ris. I have no idea, what he was looking. He was staring in the same way as I did (I was looking at the rainbow. Maybe did he too.)

Essence Nails In Style Style My Dream (nail foil)

First I wrote this post in slovene and than translated it into english. I hope, you will understand, what I'm writing in this post. I had some problems with some english expressions :)

Kot sem obljubila na Twitterju, bom danes pisala o Essencovi foliji za nohte. Kupila sem vijolično Style My Dream. S folijo pride tudi lepilo.
I promised on Twitter, that I'm going to write about Essence nail foil today. I bought the purple one, Style My Dream. With foil you also get a glue with it.

Na ovitku so napisana navodila za vse, ki se s folijo srečujejo (mogoče) prvič in še ne vejo, kako delati z njo (tako kot jaz:)). Iz navodil je vidno, da je folija verjetno bolj namenjena ustvarjanju nail arta kot za manikuro čez cel noht, kar mi je bilo tudi jasno, ko sem poskušala narediti celotno manikuro z njo. Imela sem kar nekaj težav s folijo, saj nisem mogla cele lepo odtisniti na noht. 
There are instructions for all, who are dealing with the nail foil for the first time (like I) and still don't know, how to apply it. From instructions you can see, they they are designed for nail art and not so much for the whole manicure. I think, this is very much true, because I had big problems, when I wanted to apply a foil on a whole nail.

Folije je v setu nekaj več kot 30 cm, kar se mi zdi malo. Točne številke ne vem, ker sem folijo odrezala, preden sem se jo spomnila izmeriti. Dvomim, da bi mi iz nje uspelo narediti tri celotne manikure. Lepila je 3,5 ml, dovolj za to folijo in še kakšno za povrh (če že imate folije, pa ste brez lepila, ga lahko pametno porabite). 
You get in a set a nail foil, which is over 30 cm long, and 3,5 ml of glue. I don't know the exact lenght of foil, because I used it on two nails, before I measured it (and it's not written anywhere). But I think, I could not do more than two whole manicures with it. Well, they could give us longer nail foil, don't you agree?

Po korakih bom opisala, kako sem nanašala folijo:
1. korak: Najprej sem narezala folijo na trakce in na noht nanesla podlak.
2. korak: Ker gre za manikuro čez cel noht, jih večina priporoča, da najprej nanesete lak v podobni barvi, kot je folija. Tako se ne bodo videle napakice, ki bi mogoče nastale po nanosu folije. Jaz sem za ta post ta korak preskočila, sem pa preizkusila folijo čez vijoličen lak in imam samo en nasvet: počakajte, da se bazni lak posuši. Moj še ni bil čisto suh, zato so nastale gubice.
3. korak: Ko je bil podlak suh, sem nanesla lepilo in počakala, da se je posušilo. Lepilo je suho, ko postane prozorno. Na ovitku piše, da počakajte 3 ali 4 minute, da se lepilo posuši, ampak moje je bilo suho že po eni minuti.
4. korak: Nato sem nanesla folijo na noht (z vzorcem gor) in z vatirano palčko podrgnila, da se je oprijela površine. Folijo lahko podrgnete tudi s prstom. Nato sem jo odstranila.
5. korak: Ni se mi še zgodilo, da bi odstranila folijo in bi na nohtu ostal celoten vzorček, zato sem skoraj na vseh nohtih uporabila ta korak. Ker je bilo lepilo večinoma že suho, sem ga ponovno nanesla na del nohta, kjer se folija ni lepo odtisnila, počakala, da se je posušilo in folijo ponovno nanesla na noht (ker so folije daljše kot moji nohti, je del vsake ostal, zato sem uporabila ostanke). Ponovno sem podrgnila, odlepila in zdaj so bile vrzeli večinoma zapolnjene. 
6. korak: Na koncu sem nanesla nadlak. Ta korak se mi zdi nujen, saj so folije po nanosu niso gladke na dotik. Poleg tega pa nadlak poveča obstojnost manikure.

Še en nasvet: če ste začetnice pri rokovanju s folijami kot jaz, potem nanašajte folijo na vsak noht posebej. Pri meni je to potekalo počasi in če bi nanesla lepilo na vse nohte hkrati, bi se verjetno preveč posušilo, preden bi prišla od enega nohta na drugega.

Here are the steps, how I applied a nail foil:
Step 1: I cut off suitable pieces of nail foil and applied a base coat.
Step 2: A lot of people says, that you should apply a nail polish in the same color as the foil is, so that the mistakes aren't that visible, because the foil doesn't apply always nice and even. I skipped this step, but I did try to aplly a nail foil over polish and I have one advice for you: do not apply a foil, until the nail polish is totally dry. I didn't wait long enough, so there appeared crinkles.
Step 3: When the base coat was dry, I applied a glue and waited, until the glue was dry. The glue is dry, when becomes transparent. The glue was dry very fast, like in a minute or two.
Step 4: Then a applied a nail foil on the nails (the pattern must be turned up) and rubbed it with cotton stick. You can rub the foils with your fingers, if you prefer that way. Then I pulled the foil down. 
Step 5: Because the foil didn't imprint entirely on the nail (there was some space without foil), I had to repeat everything. The glue was already dry, so I apllied it again, where it was necessary and waited, that it dried. Then I used the part of foil pieces, that remained (the pieces were longer that my nails, so I didn't used a whole piece before), rubbed it and pull off. Now I had a patter over whole nail.
Step 6: In the end I applied a top coat. 

Another advice: if you are a beginner like I, than do one nail at once. Application takes some time and by me it went slowly. When you will get some skills with application, they everything will go faster.

In da ne pozabim, folije so holografske. Na spodnji fotografiji lahko vidite, kako lepo se holografski efekt odseva na soncu.
The foils are holographic. On this photo you can see, how beautiful is a holo effect.

Upam, da je bil tole uporaben post. Ste kupile katero folijo iz te kolekcije?
I hope, this post was useful. Did you buy any nail foil from this collection?

Manhattan Naughty Nails 81T&Glitter Top Coat

This is gorgeous bright green cream polish 81T from Manhattan limited edition collection Naught Nails. I'm a big fan of bright colors lately (and also green), so I couldn't miss this one. It's easy to apply and it's opaque in two coats.

I applied Glitter TC from the same collection over it. I have similar glittery TC from Joy, but that one became thick and hard to apply, so I'm glad, that I bought this one.

Did you get anything from Naughty Nails LE?

Essence Ballerina Backstage Grand-Plié in Black

I've finally got this polish. It's a beautiful black polish with orange glitter. The formula is a bit sticky. Maybe this is only my bottle, but it applys nicely anyway. It needed three coats to be opaque.

In the bottle is glitter more noticeable than on the nails. But that's something, we are used to by Essence.

How do you like this polish?

Beautyline Deluxe 2

First of all, you've probable noticed, that you can't see any photos from the most of my old posts. It looks like I deleted all photos by mistake. I'm using Picassa for uploading photos. I was deleting some albums, that didn't have aything to do with my blog and it looks like I also deleted photos from my blog. Now I'll have to re-upload all the photos again. I already uploaded some photos, but there are still a lot of post without photos and uploading will take some time, so you'll have to be patient with me.

Today I'm presenting you a polish, that I bought in Kik. Kik is a store with clothes, but they also have some other stuff, including cosmetics. I bought this polish, because I wanted to test it. I didn't expect much, but it surprised me in positive way. 
First the bottle. It contains 10 ml of polish and it  has stones for nail art. It also has written indigrediens, but I forgot to take a photo of them.

The polish doesn't have a name. It's called simple Beuty Line Nail Polish With Glittery Stones 2 (Nagellack mit Strass Steinen 2 - I'm not sure, if I translated this right). The formula is great. It's a nice peachy cream color, but when it drys, it looks more orange (it's darker after it drys). The application is great, I didn't have any problems with it. It was opaque on two coats.
The color line is small, they have only 5 or 6 colors, I'm not sure. But I love this polish. If there would be more interesting colors, I would definitely buy more of these polishes.