My Favourite Nail Arts Of 2011

This year I was doing quite a lot of nail art. Some I loved and with some I wasn't satisfied the most. I choose 7, that were my favourite. In this post they're in order as they were published on my blog. It's also very interesting to see, how did my nail shape change. At the beginning of the year it was more rounded and now it's more square.I hope, you like these. :)

NOTD: French Flakies

This is my current manicure. Tommorow I'll remove it, because I'm going to wear other manicure on New Years Eve. First I applied 2 coats of Catrice I'm A Star... and then I sponged Essence Dance top coat (Welcome To Las Vegas) on my tips. I really like how this manicure looks. What do you think?

Alessandro Glam Session Belle Mademoiselle

Today I have for you Alessandro polish from their winter Glam Session collection. It's called Belle Mademoiselle. It's a dark brown shade with golden glitter. It's gorgeous, but I wish that shimmer would be more visible on nails, because there's a lot of it in the bottle. I used two coats.

A close up look. The golden glitter is what makes this polish so special. On nails it's not visible enough for me, but I love it anyway.

Dou you have any Alessandro polish from Glam Session collection? What do you think about them?

China Glaze Skyscraper

Today I have for you Skyscraper, gorgeous blue jelly polish with silver glitter. It was part of this year's China Glaze Metro fall collection. I've got it in a swap with Carolina from Colores de Carol. I'm so glad, she got it for me, because this is one of the most beautiful polishes in my stash. I used two coat, but third one would be neccessary, because it's still sheer. I think I'm going to wear it as my New Year's manicure, but I'm probably going to layer it over other blue polish. I love, how it sparkles. 
The photos are not the best. They looked good on my camera, but when I was editing them, I noticed, that the quality isn't the best. But I still think, you can see, how beautiful this one is. Do you have it or do you want it? What do you think yout it?

O.P.I. Mermaid's Tears

This is the first O.P.I. polish, that I've tried. I bought it in Müller, when it was 40 % off. By us are these polishes very expensive, they costs around 13 €. Mermaid's Tears was a part of Pirates Of The Caribbean collection. I'm glad, that I have at leats one polish from this collection, because I love Pirates Of The Caribbean. 
Mermaid's Tears a beautiful green shade. Formula was a bit watery, I needed three coats to make it opaque. The application didn't cause me any problems. I love this polish, I don't think I have similar color in my stash and I love green. Dou you have this polish? What do you think about it?

Christmas NOTD

Here is my Christmas manicure. I used Essence Thirsty from Eclipse TE as a base, then added one coat of Ruby Kisses Ruby Slippers and in the end I added  Clatty 109 on my tips.

My dear followers, I wish you Blessed and Merry Christmas.

Winter Edition 4: Covered With Snow

Do you know the moment, when you have a great idea in your head, but then when you want to realise it, it doesn't turn out good. Well, something like that happened with my fourth winter manicure idea. I was planning to do a house and a tree, covered with snow, but in my head both looked better. I draw them and they do look like a hause and a tree, but I'm not satisfied with them.

For other nails I didn't know, what to do, so in the end I did footsteps in snow on my forefinger and my pinkie shows snowing. When I was applying TC, everything was dry, except footsteps, so I smudged them and there are some brown lines on nail. I hate that that always happens to me. It looks like I'm not patient enough.

I hope you're having a nice Christmas Eve with you family.

More Swaps

Nicole from Epitome of Superficiality and I agreed to swap some polishes. She send me some asian polishes and two product for nail care. I received her package some time ago, I just didn't photographed it before.

Ina from Hysteria Of Decay sent me Kleancolor Military Green, which I had on my WL. Thank you, girl. :)

Alverde Mademoiselle LE

Today I have for you swatches of some Alverde product from Mademoiselle limited edition collection. These are my first Alverde product and I'm impressed with them. I bought lipstick in Nude, eyeshadow in Vanille and blush in Rose.

The packaging is so cute. It has some dots, laces and every product has a black tie. But it's made out of cardboard. For eyeshadow and blush is ok, but for lipstick is a bit strange. I already dirtied a lid. For lipsticks I prefer plastic package.

Vanille is a beige matt eyeshadow. It's quite pigmented. I use it mostly as I highliter, but also over my whole lid, because lately I mostly wear bright and natural looks. It costs 4,45 €.

Rose is a dusty pink matt blush, very pigmented and it looks great on cheaks. It costs 4,45 €.

Nude is a dark brown lipstick. It sheer, so it doesn't come to dark on lips. It drys my lips a bit, but I'm satisfied with it anyway. It costs 3,95 €.

Did you try Alverde cosmetics? Did you get anything from this LE?

Essence Lipglosses

Today I'm going to review Essence lipglosses from their line Stay With Me and XXL Shine. 

From their collection Stay With Me I've tried My Favourite Milkshake and Candy Bar. MFM is my favourite, I already ended up three lipglosses. MFM is brigh pink and Candy Bar is coral lipgloss. The concept of the brush is ok, but I prefer regular brushes. I can use it nice for my lower lip, but for my upper lip I usually use only the end of the brush. These lipglosses mousturize lips and are not sticky. They should last long, but for me they last long as other lipglosses. They contain 4 ml of product.

Essence XXL Shine True Love lipgloss I've got for my birthday from my friend some time ago. True love is dark red shimmery lipgloss. I love it, because it mousturizes my lips, it gaves them color and it's not sticky. But I hate the packaging, because the writing deletes if you wear it in purse. I can't read anything from the package anymore. I like the brush, application is so easy with it.

Do you use Essence lipglosses? What do you think about them?

Bourjois 1 Second 9

Today I have for you Bourjois 9, a dark purple shade with purple and pink shimmer. This polish has a huge brush, almost too big for my pinkie, but the application still wasn't problematic. I have a macro photo for you, so you can see, how beautiful it looks in the bottle.

The shimmer is less visible on nails, but it's still looks beautiful, specially in the sun. I used two coats. I think this is perfect shade for winter season. Do you have this polish? Do you like it?

Silver Metallic Depend

Today it's Monday and I should publish my fourth Winter Edition post, but the problem is, that my camera is 200 km away from me, so I couldn't photograph my fourth nail art idea. My camera on my phone is bad and the photos would be blurry, so that wasn't an option. I'll try to do this manicure and publish it later this week or next Monday.

Today I'm showing you silver metallic Depend polish, which number I don't know, because it's deleted from teh bottle. It's very pigmented, so it would be enough one coat, but I added two from habit. I probably won't use it alone, but it's going to be perfect for nail art or konad.

Application is good, but there are some visible brush strokes. Affter applying top coat they aren't visible anymore.

Do you like metallic polishes?

Funky French With Depend 245

I thought I'm going to have mroe time today, but I don't, so just a quick post to show you, how I upgraded yesterday's polish. I made funky french. Polishes, I used, you can see on upper photo. If you wanna know the name of certain shade, just ask. :)

Depend 245

Today I have for you Depend 245, a pastel blue shade. Application was tricky, I had to use 3 coats to even it. I know this isn't fall or winter shade, but these swatches are older. I wore this polish when there was still sunny and hot. This shade was perfect for nail art. I made one simple, but I'm going to show it to you in tommorow's post.

Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Celestial Sky

Today I have for you one very beautiful polish from Deborah Milano Pret A Porter collection. I love this collection, they have some great colors. But I can't tell you if it's still available in our drugstores, because it was LE collection. 
This shade is called Celestial Sky. It's blue with a hint of purple and it has silver glitter and blue shimmer. I used three coats here, but I can't tell you why, because these photos are old (and I have some more old swatches, that I still did't publish). Application was great.

I wish my nails would be like this again. They're so brittle. Last week I broke three nails on my swatch-hand and now they have strange shape. At least they're still long enough. My nails weren't short for 4 months now. I bought myself a Ruby Kisses nail hardener. I hope it'll help.

What do you think about this shade? Do you like it?

December Giveaways Week 3 - CLOSED

It's middle of December and it's time to show you the third prize in my December giveaways.

What you can win:
* Catrice Am I Blue Or Green
* Essence Nail Art Twins Bella
* Essence Nail Art Twins Edward
* Essence Natventurista gel eyeliner Barefoot Through The Moss

The rules:
You must be visible GFC follower and you have to fill the form below, telling me your GFC name and email adress.
And that's it. This time I'll made it simple, so there won't be any extra entries. But if you wish to spread a word about this giveaway, you're welcome. :)

This giveaway starts today, on 15. december 2011 and it ends on 31. 12. 2011 at 24.00 (CET).

Giveaway is open international. Winners will be chosen randomly.

Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Today I have for you some old swatches of Catrice nail polish I wear My Sunglasses At Night. Look, how beautiful looks this polish in the bottle.

After I applied it on my nails, I was dissapointed. I didn't like, how it looked on my nails. This polish has a black base with multicolored glitter. I like this idea, I only wish that glitter would be more visible on nails. Application was ok, I used two coats. I'm not sure, if I'll ever wear it again. 

Do you have this polish? What do you think about it?

Winter Edition 3: Dress Warmly

It's Monday and it's time for another Winter Edition post. Winter is connected with cold, so I decided to do a manicure with clothes today. 

I draw scarf on my index finger, sweather on middle finger, cap on ring finger and glove on pinkie. These clothes are necessary in winter, so that you don't fell cold. I'm not very satisfied with sweather, I think I draw to much dots on it, but others are ok.

What do you think about this manicure? Do you like it?